This is why the ZeroPass team joined forces with Iryo.

…and why we join its ICO, an infamous way for startups and their platform to fundraise the blockchain second killer app (the first one being the store of value).

ZeroPass team has been working for a couple of years now in Kranj (Slovenia), in the offices of our initial investor 3fs company (also our first investor), let us use their fancy offices for free, where we worked 2+ years alongside each other, building the relationships and trust.

Several months ago, i was asked to explain how and why 3fs should not use blockchain (specifically IBM blockchain Hyperledger Fabric). Instead of hype-fest, they were meet with cold shower of explanation on how blockchains are built for (very inefficient) full-validation. Thus private permissioned chains make no sense whatsoever.

The worst part followed; I convinced them :) and wanted us to them help them architect the solution for medical records.

We set more specifications

Technical ones:
• An open-source solution

Design enabling the end user complete control of data. This can be achieved with the help of:
• Zero-knowledge encryption of all data
• Client-side research
• distributed key recovery

On the blockchain:
• No fake decentralization, just ones that present a real value to the patient/clinics.
• Sybil resistance that so many blockchain project lack nowadays — meaning that every token receiver has a token payer (which then determines if paying is worth it, thus introducing validation in this decision) .
• Identity verification doesn’t hit the platform itself (no personal data).

Fundraising ones:
• No free tokens for ICO organisers, to dump on the token buyers.
• Real advisors that would help with platform adoption and vesting for their tokens.
• Distribution of 90% of the tokens (10%, to keep the incentives aligned).
• Corporate governance on ICO collected funds, no hidden presales/shady deals.
• Try to minimise the spam-ing and rather invest into explaining why Iryo changes the game.

I thought Iryo would fail to deliver on at least half of them, but I was wrong… they defend these points even more than I did!

This is why we solidified the Iryo project definition in the whitepaper together, making sure the technical aspects of the vision have strong staying power.

I think we have a healthy mix of responsibility, specialisation, but are still starry-eyed enough to build the community around the mission.

ZeroPass found its first major deployment in Iryo Network platform, that would natively use decentralised key recovery manager. And Iryo found the partners that can steer them around solution that wouldn’t fit the harshness of real world

Disclosure; Iryo tokens would not be used in zeropass. ZeroPass would be used to help Iryo gain superior UX and keep the decentralisation of key recovery live and well.

ZeroPass team would not receive any Iryo tokens, we would, however, be paid salaries to deliver opensource code. The task our team would take care of; key management for patients/doctors/clinics/token holders (read more in Iryo whitepaper key management section), deploy EOS token and other smart contracts. We would (per current plan) also write the SDK for anonymous query (research functionality).

ZeroPass key recovery manager plans to outgrow the Iryo use case someday. This would promote Iryo (our first deployment) to even more crypto/privacy people.

Anyhow, it would be unfair that we profit too much. Being paid to develop open source code is a reward enough. Please don’t turn this one into no-skin in the game argument, we put our names, faces and risk the future reputation of ZeroPass if we won’t deliver. We don’t consider burning our reputation on crowdsale lightly.

Help us make your medical data a black box only you can unlock.

-Luka Perčič, founder of ZeroPass and now also Iryo team member.
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