Last year we launched a little web service called for hosting public docs for Ruby libraries. It wasn’t a completely new idea, but there was nothing else out there at the time that was free and open source and worked on Github post-commit hooks, so I put something quick together in a day and started using it. A bunch of other people started using it too, which was great, and people started contributing patches, which was even more great (thanks in particular to Jeff Rafter and Brian Turnbull). It grew as more people and organizations like our friends at Thoughtbot started hosting their library docs on it.

Today it hosts docs for almost 3000 different Ruby projects. And today we’re killing it. is 2.0

Well, actually, it’s more like we’re replacing it. With something newer and better, of course. That newer, better thing is (source on Github), a project that originally started out as the doc server grew into a full-fledged replacement. Loren Segal (the author of YARD, easily the best Ruby documentation engine ever) and I have been working on merging the projects together for awhile now, and it’s finally cooked well enough that we’re ready to swap it over.

The new site addresses a number of outstanding issues / feature enhancements that people asked for on the old site, and it’s much more tied into the YARD ecosystem. Also, in addition to supporting GitHub post-commit hooks, it also hosts documentation for all published RubyGems. We like it, and we hope you do too.

If You’re Already Using

If your docs are already up on, don’t worry. Your old URLs should still work, so no need to update them right away. Your post-commit hooks will still work too. If you have any problems at all, please open a ticket on the project’s Github repository and we’ll do our best to get you squared away. Thanks!

Better Docs == Better Code

Also, in case you’re not already familiar with YARD, now is a great time to learn about it and how it can help you improve documentation for your code. This new site deployment coincides with the release of the brand new YARD 0.6 and Loren’s awesome new site, which has some great guides and other resources to get you up to speed fast.

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