BankLocal: Where You Bank Matters

I’ve been a volunteer and board member for a local-first non-profit for several years now. I’m kind of a hippie do-gooder like that, you know? Most recently I’ve been involved in our community capital / entrepreneurship programs, which is kind of a spiritual cousin to…

Rails + Angular + Jasmine: A Modern Testing Stack

When I started on my first Angular+Rails project around 12 months ago, there wasn’t a lot of guidance around code organization, interop, and testing, and we got a lot of these things wrong. Since then, I’ve worked on several additional projects…

Geeks on a Train

Geeks on a Train starts today!

This afternoon I’m leaving Dalian, Liaoning, China for a 10-day journey across China’s tech ecosystem with a bunch of awesome startup founders. By train. Because planes and buses are so last year.

Song Lyrics Without the Suck

Over the past few years I’ve been involved with a number of music-related web projects, including Loudwerkz, DMOD (RIP), and Ink19. Although I make my living on the web and love what I do, I suppose I’ve always been secretly jealous of those snobby record store employees who…

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