Practical Rails Plugins

Hey wow, author copies of my book just showed up yesterday. That’s pretty cool. My side of things has been finished for a few months now, but it’s nice to finally see it in print!

The book, Practical Rails Plugins (Apress 2008), is aimed at the beginning to intermediate Rails developer, featuring a number of recipes for using popular third party plugins in Rails projects. So it’s sort of a recipes book but with a focus on leveraging plugins to accelerate feature development, and on standalone mini-projects rather than code snippets, which I think is much more illustrative for developers who are new to the framework. Topics include video transcoding and asynchronous processing, state machine modeling, payment processing, geocoding, full text search, testing and a whole lot more.

I wrote about 50% of the content, David Berube (author of Practical Ruby Gems and Practical Reporting with Ruby and Rails) is responsible for the rest. If you want to pick up a copy, you can order it via Amazon. We also put up a companion site for the book last week, if you wanna check it out.