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Rails Rumble Alumni Archive Project

2011 has been a busy year so far, full of interesting contract work, side projects, research for the next startup biz, upcoming travel plans, and not-so-fun family health issues. It’s also been a busy year for the other Rails Rumble organizers, and as such there’s currently no date set for the 2011 contest. Sorry about that :(.

However, I did find a few hours last weekend to design / develop a Rumble-related mini-site that’s been long, long overdue…

The new Rumble Alumni Archive is a searchable archive of websites and applications that were developed during contests past and present. It’s a great way to see what entries are still online and browse them by year (2007–2010), country of origin, and award.

Over 80 entries that were developed during Rumble events are still online, most of which have evolved pretty significantly since their initial weekend development sprint. For just a couple examples, check out Mocksup, Awesome Fontstacks, and IOU Mate (formerly “nDebted”). Go poke around the archive to see others; there’s some really great stuff in there. And please let us know (contact organizers at railsrumble dot com) if we’ve left anybody out.

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s really inspiring to me when I think about how many of these polished web apps started off as as disposable weekend experiments. Kick. Ass.



evolution through a series of accidents

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