For the past few months I’ve been trying to roll out a 1 or 2-day micro-app every month. Because, why not — it’s fun and refreshing. In February there was tweetdreams, March was Mogo madness (in use at offrails.org), and in April we spent a few days tossing this together.

The this that I refer to in the previous paragraph is Rdoc.info, a simple web service that generates documentation for Ruby libraries that are hosted on GitHub. You can add a new project and it’ll clone the repo from the hub of Git, use YARD to generate rdocs, and then host them for you. So you can read them. Online. Because it loves you.

If you’re the project owner, it’s even better; just add the following simple post-commit hook to your project’s settings in GitHub http://rdoc.info/projects/update and it’ll automatically regenerate documentation for you whenever you push to the remote. So yeah, unlike a random Twitter vanity application, it’s like, actually useful and stuff.

I’ve shown this to a few friends and they’ve had some good suggestions for how to make it more useful. Jeff, in particular, had some really great ideas that we’ve been looking into (more on that later, hopefully). Anyway, I’ve doc’d feature ideas in the project’s GitHub Issues list, and although we plan to get to them sooner or later, I wanted to release it first as-is, in the spirit of “release early, release often”. If you want to help out, the project has been open-sourced in the usual place.