Resque Mailer v1.0.0 (with Rails 3 Support)

I just released a new version of Resque Mailer (1.0.0), my asynchronous email delivery extension for Resque gem src. If you’re already using it with Rails 2.x, there really aren’t any changes you need to be aware of. Go about your business. However, thanks largely to the efforts of Marcin Kulik, the gem now works in Rails 3.x as well. Thanks Marcin!

So why go 1.0.0? Because it’s feature complete, used by a number of people in production, and has been stable without any significant feature additions or issues for quite some time. It’s still simple as hell, and I don’t see it getting more complicated any time soon. And now that it works on both Rails 2.x and 3.x, well, that sounds like a 1.0.0 to me.

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