Rumble Panel At Railsconf

I’m happy to report that our panel, Starting Up Fast: Lessons from the Rails Rumble, has been accepted for the 4th annual Railsconf event in Las Vegas.

RailsConf 2009

I’ll be moderating a panel of competition winners and participants, and we’ll be discussing how they were able to achieve some impressive feats in the compressed contest timeframe. It should be packed full of useful real-world advice on how to organize and launch Rails applications quickly. We’ll also talk about the event itself, and the nature of innovation competitions in general (and why you should get involved!) I guarantee that it will be fun, but I can make no guarantee about whether or not there will be choreographed mock-fighting. That’s up to you.

Panelists include our friends Joe Fiorini (grand prize winner 2008), Josh Owens (grand prizer winner 2007, design award 2008), Ben Scofield (winner, solo division for both 2007 and 2008), James Golick (winner, most useful 2008), and Darcy Laycock, who participated in the 2007 contest and joined the organizational team for the 2008 event.

So if you’re making the voyage to the City of Sin in May, make sure to check us out. I’m excited, and it’ll be great to meet many of you there! Also, you can teach me how to gamble. I hear that I have a pretty bad tell. Whatever that is.

UPDATE 3/16: The panel is scheduled for May 6th from 4:25pm to 5:15pm PDT in Pavilion 9–10

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