Stomp in the Android Market

My pal and “prolific prototyper” Nick Tommarello just released his latest project into the wild… is a social adventure and travel guide that aims to make it easier for you to find fun things to do while at home or on the go. Stomp debuted at the Launch conference run by former TC50 founder Jason Calacanis, and has gotten some great media coverage over the past couple days. Like pitches? You can watch Nick’s presentation here.

If you’re in SF, NYC, or Boston, make sure to give it a try. Hopefully it won’t take too long to spread to other areas too. Some of the challenges are… kind of nuts. Others are a bit more laid back. And there’s a lot more in-between so I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you like there. You can install the mobile version of the app on both the iPhone and Android

Oh and if you’re having problems with the Android version of the app you can yell at me. Working with Nick on Stomp was a great excuse for me to level up on Android development. There’s no better way to come up to speed on a new platform than to dive in and deliver a working application. That said, the app is still young and a bit sparse, and I’m sure there are still a few bugs hiding in the woods; Crash reports and feature requests are very welcome :). Thanks in advance!