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The Wefunder Petition

Kickstarter is awesome for funding creative projects. It’s one of my favorite startups at the moment, and it’s important. I lurves it. But I wish I could use something like it to invest in actual companies — both the tech startup variety that my friends work tirelessly on as well as the hyper local variety that make those special tapas that my neighbors are raving about.

Soon, new laws may allow us to do just that.

To raise awareness of these initiatives, a few friends and I tossed together the Wefunder petition to support HR2930 and Brown’s Democratizing Access to Capital Act (S.1791) that’s currently being debated in the US Senate. Please go sign it (click the “learn more” link on the site for more background information and links).

These changes could have huge impacts for both entrepreneurs and investors, allowing bold new ideas to surface and creating a ton of important jobs and opportunities. I know that sounds like marketing speak, but it’s true. This matters.

We’ll be going to DC next week to talk to Senator Brown’s people and see what else we can do to push this forward. We’ve also been fortunate enough to get some great coverage for our efforts at BoingBoing and ReadWriteWeb.

Now go sign it already and help us send a message. And thanks!



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