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Announcing our first Community Leader of the Month- Austin!

Zeroswap Community Leader Of the Month for JAN’ 22

With the start of 2022, we released ZeroSwap’s Playbook and committed to taking initiatives for our “Community First and Customer First” approach.

We take great pride in our Community across all social and digital fronts. With a combined following of 100k+ across all the platforms, our Community is a resource of some pretty incredible creative minds and talents.

The idea with this one is to solely empower the Community with the Community Leader of the Month Program. As we aim at building further, engagement is essential, and luckily we have members that go above and beyond.

This program would solely Incentivize the Community Based on their Commitment Curve. To Build a Vibrant, Self Motivated and Cohesive Community, We are introducing a Bonding Curve Model to reward the participants and contributors based on their Commitment and Time Devoted.

Fast forward to a month, and we have our first Community Leader, Austin!

Community Leader of the Month is selected based on their Commitments and Contributions.

Key Contributions by our first Community Leader:

Contribution of Austin At Zeroswap
  • Regional Moderation: He is engineering the regional moderation for our Russian Community.
  • Constructive Feedback: He consistently brings us constructive feedback on our current and potential projects.
  • Active Involvement: He drives continuous and constant engagement initiatives for our Community.
  • Project Development: He is equally curious about the upcoming developments at ZeroSwap and DeFi Wizard and is keeping tabs on the same.

🤑 Benefits and Perks

  • Early Access to the product release
  • Direct Communication with the Team.
  • Exclusive Coverage in our Monthly Newsletter.
  • Spotlight

Looking at how well we’ve begun with this initiative, we are more than just excited to welcome on board our future Community Leaders. ZeroSwap is committed to upholding the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our living, learning, and work environments. Therefore, we seek leaders who will work respectfully and constructively with differences and across power levels to pursue our values.

About ZeroSwap and ZeeDO

ZeroSwap is a multi-chain compatible decentralized exchange aggregator focused on making zero-fee transactions possible. We aim to make on-chain trading simple and easy by providing Access to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and DEXes Access under one roof. One of the core utilities of ZEE is to reduce friction in fundraising using digital assets; to solve that, we have been building a DEX Offering Platform Called — ZeeDO.

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