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Announcing Unmarshal Community Distribution Sale

$MARSH launching on ZeeDO and Integration of Unmarshal APIs in ZeeSuite


We are really excited to announce a community distribution sale of $MARSH, which would take place on 30th March 2021.

ZeroSwap is excited to announce the integration of Unmarshal DeFi APIs, in its ZeeSuite, which consist of ETH to BSC Bi-Directional Bridge, Staking of $ZEE, ZeeDO — ZeroSwap DEX Offering Platform.

On behalf of this partnership, a Community Distribution Sale of $MARSH will take place ZeeDo.

ZeroSwap Community can participate in the community distribution sale by staking its native token $ZEE.

How will ZeroSwap users benefit from Unmarshal Integration —

Unmarshal is a multi-chain data indexing protocol that facilitates seamless access to the on-chain data for DeFi applications, thus unmarshalling the potential of DeFi.

Unmarshal Network aims to provide adequate Blockchain data infrastructure with a decentralized network as we progress towards widespread adoption. The protocol synergizes its functionality with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and Solana, therefore addressing the large data limitations of DeFi applications.

With ZeroSwap building services on multichain, Unmarshal APIs would provide —

  • Tax Module for ZeeDex Users which includes, token tax statements for any financial year, historical transaction- price mapping, trading activity tracking, multichain tax statements.
  • P&L calculation for a given wallet — Users trading through ZeeDEX will be able to calculate P&L on trades, ROI calculation, and P&L analytics.
  • ZeeDO Modules — Using analytics of users, we would be able to provide enhanced experiences to users

Unmarshal ($MARSH) Community Distribution on ZeeDO —

Unmarshal recently announced $2.6 million in its fundraising and are backed by leading investors like —Woodstock, Blackedge, GBV, NGC Ventures, SPARK Digital, Particle XYZ, AU21, Amesten, X21, Zokyo, Altonomy, Brilliance Ventures, ExNetwork, AscendEx (Previously

With the successful conclusion of fundraising, they are now into the next phase of the community distribution round with ZeeDO.

Details of $MARSH Sale —

  • Total $MARSH Sale — $25000
  • $MARSH Tokens Per Ticket — $125 MARSH
  • Price of $MARSH Token — $0.17 USDT
  • Total Winning Tickets — 200

Steps To Participate in $MARSH Token Sale —

1. Staking $ZEE —

  • Stake $ZEE on ZeroSwap Staking Module Staking $ZEE is the pre-requisite to participate in the sale. You will also earn rewards — 64% APY for 90 Days.
  • No. of $ZEE Required to participate in $MARSH Sale— 3000 $ZEE for 1 Ticket, 6000 $ZEE for two tickets, so on and so forth.
  • You can stake $ZEE BEP20 or $ZEE ERC20 to participate in the sale.

2. Apply for $MARSH Sale —

  • After Staking $ZEE Apply on ZeeDO
  • Proof of Participation Ticket (POP) Claiming Start Time —
    28th March 5:30 AM UTC
  • Proof of Participation (POP) End Time —
    29th March 11:30 AM UTC
  • Total No. of POP Tickets — 5000 Tickets on $ZEE BEP20 and ZEE ERC20 each.
  • You can claim multiple tickets by staking ZEE in multiples of 3000 ZEE
  • Proof of Winning Tickets (POW) Draw Time: 30th March 11:00 AM UTC $ZEE BEP20 and $ZEE ERC20
  • Total No. of POW Tickets (POW) — 200 Tickets will be drawn as winners, 100 on $ZEE BEP20 and 100 on $ZEE ERC20.

3. Claiming of $MARSH Tokens for the users who won POW Tickets

  • Time for Claiming of $MARSH Tokens — It will be announced on our social channels.
  • Ticket Claiming Token — You will have to keep ETH in your wallet to receive $MARSH
  • Claiming of $MARSH Tokens on $ZEE ERC20 — Pay ERC20 ETH to Buy $MARSH
  • Claiming of $MARSH Tokens on $ZEE BEP20 — Pay ERC20 ETH to Buy $MARSH

Note — Users staking $ZEE BEP20, and winning tickets on the BEP20 side, have to approve ERC20 ETH, you can change the network from Binance smart chain to ethereum, in your wallet, to claim $MARSH using the same address.

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi Data Network that facilitates seamless access to data on blockchains for any kind of decentralized applications. So far, we have added support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, PolkaDot, and Substrate-based projects such as StaFi and with Polygon, we’re diving into the Layer-2 networks and empowering dApp developers to have easy access to on-chain data.

About ZeroSwap and ZeeDO:

ZeroSwap is a multi-chain compatible decentralized exchange aggregator focused on making zero-fee transactions possible. We aim to make on-chain trading simple and easy by providing access to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and DEXes access under one roof. One of the core utilities of ZEE is to reduce friction in fundraising using digital assets, in order to solve that, we have been building a Dex Offering Platform Called — ZeeDO

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