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DAOLand — ZeroSwap AMA recap

ZeroSwap x DAOLand AMA Recap

Hello folks!
Don’t worry! If you missed the opportunity to be a part of the AMA. Here is a quick recap for you!

Host (Prajjwal)
Prajjwal Yadav (Marketing Lead — ZeroSwap)

Guests (DAOLand)
Ali Adsiz Osman (CEO) & Ahmet Gorsen (CPO)

AMA details
📍 Venue:
🏆 Rewards: $100 worth ZEE amongst 5 lucky winners
🗓 Date: 2nd Dec’21
Time: 11:00 AM UTC | 4:30 PM IST

AMA format
The AMA (Ask Me Anything) comprised of 2 rounds.
1st Round — ZeroSwap asked questions to the DAOLand team
2nd Round — We opened the chat for the community after round 1 ended. The community members asked questions to the DAOLand team. The team chose 5 questions and answered them.

Here we go with a quick recap for you!

Host (Prajjwal)
Hello everyone, 👋
This is Prajjwal (Marketing Lead — ZeroSwap)
I welcome you all to this AMA session with the DAOLand team.

On behalf of the entire ZeroSwap community and team, I would like to welcome Ali Adsiz Osman (CEO) & Ahmet Gorsen (CPO) from the DAOLand Team.

Guest (Ali)

Hi guys 👋🏻 it’s so great to be with you here 💪🏻

Guest (Ahmet)

Hello, guys. 😊

Host (Prajjwal)

Thanks, guys for joining us. We are ready to kick-start the AMA now!

Q1) Can you give a quick introduction about yourself to the community?

Guest (Ali)

My name is Ali. I am the CEO of DaoLand. I’ve been in crypto since 2017 and have held many projects as Project Development Manager and various other roles. Now we are here as the DaoLand team.

Guest (Ahmet)

I am Ahmet. I’m on the team as daoland CO-founder and CPO. I’ve been in crypto since 2015. I took part in many crypto projects, my area of ​​expertise is marketing and product development. I dedicate all my energy to #DAOland, especially when I come together with this great team.

Host (Prajjwal)

Awesome! Looks like the project is in experienced hands!

Q2) Can you please introduce the project to our community? What DAOLand is all about and what it offers to the community through its platform?

Guest (Ali)

DAOLand was first proposed in 2021 by me and my co-founder Ahmet. We are a Russian+Turkey and Indian-based entity having come up with 2 concepts behind the project:

Hub for GameFi, NFT and Metaverse deals

Gates for retail investors to participate in private and seed deals.

There are a lot of IDO launchpads in the crypto market, but they care only about sales and only a few can provide a full stack incubation service, like DAOMaker, for example. But there are always 2 aspects and points of view related to these services: end-users and projects. The end-user is interested in high-quality deals, projects, and wants to achieve success. DAOLand takes care of both tasks. Our goal is to be something like a community-driven decentralized Coin list based on DAO ideas. We have a lot of partners starting from a law firm, market-making providers, exchanges, and so on who will be involved in our future deals. I am sure we have progressed from a mere shell to a strong global business model, distinguishing and aspiring to the GameFi, Metaverse, and NFT era.

Host (Prajjwal)

Interesting! Such versatility and unique proposition of the project will surely attract a lot of users within this space!

This brings us to my next question which is

Q3) How is DAOLand different from its competitors?

Guest (Ali)

We’re the first metaverse-based incubator with VR experience and IDO platform for exclusive projects from GameFi, Metaverse, and NFT spaces with play-2-earn & participate-2-earn models. We are a full-stack incubator providing end-2-end services for crypto projects with our network and community starting from fundraising and ending with post-IDO support.

The gamers and the users will be able to participate in high-quality and validated deals and earn rewards. Our unique mechanism and security protocol also reduce the risk of users participating in malicious activities.

Guest (Ahmet)

We’ve analyzed a lot of IDO platforms, incubators, and so on, and our goal was to bring something new and unique. And we did that!

We’ve finished our unique ticket system (with double tokens $DLD and $DLS) based on mining and halving as Bitcoin does. Development of this engine took around 4 months and now we have testnet

Guest (Ali)

The community can check our testnet here: and see for yourself!

Host (Prajjwal)

That's awesome! With the space moving towards the metaverse division I am sure DAOLand will provide immense value to everyone involved within the space especially the users!

It’s great that the testnet is already out for everyone to try and see the “magic” themselves!

Guest (Ali)

Besides, mainnet will be live within 24 hours from launch 🔥

Host (Prajjwal)

This connects us perfectly with the next question, which is

Q4) How DAOLand is incentivizing its users during the journey?

That's fantastic. Can't wait to see it live in action!

I am sure the community would love to know the benefits of associating themselves with DAOLand early on.

Guest (Ahmet)

Let me explain what is unique in DaoLand.

The problem with ido platforms is that there are limited allocations and more applications than demand. Things may not go well for small and medium-sized investors. In the guarantee allocation option, the allocation amounts can be very low.

You can stake $DLD and earn $DLS in our unique system. After IDO all used $DLS will be burned but if you can’t participate in IDO, your $DLS will stay and in the next IDO you will have more chance to get an allocation.

The heart of this project. It creates equal opportunity for small, big, and medium investors.

Even the smallest investor can win. In this way, if every investor shows the necessary patience, definitely participate in ido.

Guest (Ali)

I am sure that we will present a great experience to our users with this unique feature which combined with Nft, metaverse, and gamefi

And this is not the unique thing in DAOLand 🔥🥳

Host (Prajjwal)

Indeed! It’s very important to focus on the overall set of users, from “fish to whales” and seeing DAOLand working towards that makes it not unique but shows the project cares about all its users.

Looking forward to “All things DAOLand” 🔥

Taking into consideration the security, our last question is an important one for the community which is:

Q5) Can you please highlight more on the security aspects of your project? I think this is crucial nowadays in this space. Given the fact that our users are our priority and they do deserve to be a part of a secure and trustworthy system.

Guest (Ali)

Our token contract was audited by Solidity Finance. Users can check it here:

Also, we are waiting for another audit report from a big project. And after launch, we will get an audit from Certik too 💪🏻

Our users’ safety is more important than other things for us.

Other audit reports from Hacken by the way 🔥🥳

Host (Prajjwal)

I agree! User security should be the top priority for any project considering the safety issues within the space. Glad the team is taking this seriously and sharing audits via big firms across to the users!

Community Round

Alright. I’ll open the group for the community to ask questions now. Please select 5 amongst them. Here we go

Q1. DD| Prudence ♥️ Ponce (@enceponce): Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics and the UTILITY of Token?

Answer — Guest (Ali)

$DLD is our native token on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). The main purpose — staking and governance. By the way, the token contract was audited by Solidity finance

The $DLS token is our ticket token. This token, as well as the platform, will be multichain: Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon networks from the launch, and, later, we’ll add the support of Avalanche and Fantom L2s. The only way to participate in DAOLand deals is to have $DLS tokens and the only way to receive $DLS tokens is to stake native $DLD tokens.

Q2. Quinn Ledbetter (@quinn_ledbetter): Do you have any NFT plans and their integration ahead in the roadmap? Also, do you have any passive income options and incentivization rewards for a long-term holder?

Answer — Guest (Ali)

Yes, we will release our metaverse worlds land sale and unique NFT Card Game and so on. For more, you can check our roadmap

The Community can check everything here:

You can see, there are a lot of interesting, upcoming activities!

Q3. Casandra Worth (@casandraworth27): What is the business model of your project? How does it work? And who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting?

Answer — Guest (Ali)

DAOLand paves the way for the early-stage GameFi and NFT projects and allows users to join the institutional-grade promising incubation deals. The company offers extensive support to early-stage startups in launching their products — beginning from incorporation, fundraising, and promoting them. We’ve come up with 2 concepts behind the project:

Hub for GameFi, NFT and Metaverse deals

Gates for retail investors to participate in private and seed deals

You know, there are a lot of IDO launchpads in the crypto market, but they care only about sales and only a few can provide a full stack incubation service, like DAOMaker, for example. But there are always 2 aspects and points of view related to these services: end-users and projects. The end-user is interested in high-quality deals, projects, and wants to achieve success. We’ll take care of both tasks.

Q4. Laurie Lovelace (@LaurieLovelace): Why did you choose the Binance Smart chain? we see some chain pop up with good scalability too, then why did you choose BSC?

Answer — Guest (Ali)

We are on Binance Smart Chain because of the low fees. Nobody wants to give 60–100$ fees for buying a token.

But do not worry, we will launch projects on 5 different networks.






Q5. UwU Bunny (@KennySeverson): Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

Answer — Guest (Ahmet)

Of course,

we have great partners.

You can also check it from our website and official accounts.

our partners:

✅VBC Ventures

✅ Kangaroo Capital

✅ Infinity Ventures

✅ Dutch Crypto Investors

✅ NFT Technologies

✅ Faculty Ventures

✅ Regain Ventures

✅Gotbit io

✅Outbreak capital

✅Bluemoon Capital

✅ Genesis Pool

✅ SGN Capital

✅CoinCu Ventures

✅ MM Ventures fund

✅ Dext force ventures

Host (Prajjwal)

Thanks for answering these questions! I am sure the community had an amazing time understanding the team and the project.

Guest (Ahmet)

Thank you, everyone. Unfortunately, we could only answer 5 questions. If you have any questions, our team members on our accounts will answer them all there.

Host (Prajjwal)

Before we go I’d like to share the glimpse about DAOLand and ask the community members to follow their socials and do look out for DAOLand as they are about to 🚀

🎮 DAOLand — Metaverse Where NFT and GameFi deals are born!

Making early GameFi and NFT opportunities available to a DAO of regular users. DAOLand allows users to join institutional-grade incubation deals and get access to the most promising Play2Earn & NFT projects before everyone else.

DAOLand is a unique combination of a DAO and venture fund. 🎮

🚧 Features :

🛸 Unique VR experience in our #Metaverse world.

🎮 NFT and GameFi marketplace for our incubated projects.

🤴 Unique deal-flow model with double tokens: #DLD and #DLS.

⚡️⚡️ $DLD⚡️⚡️

👉 Initial Mcap: $372k

👉 Public Sale Price: $0.14

✨ Ido in ZeroSwap, more in the pipeline

🤑Top investors include: VBC Ventures, DEXT Force Ventures, Kangaroo Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors & More

Follow them & join their groups, they are announcing a community round tomorrow!

🕵️‍♂️ Links:

🌐 Website

📱 Telegram

🐦 Twitter

💬 Discord

Thanks again for your time @Aliosski and @CrpytoDream

Guest (Ali)

Thanks for great questions 💪🏻🙏🏻

Guest (Ahmet)

Thank you, It was a great experience being here with you.😇🙏

Host (Prajjwal)

On behalf of the entire ZeroSwap fraternity, I wish you all the best for your IDO and the journey ahead!

We will extend our full support to our partners for a smooth journey ahead! Do follow DAOLand social media channels to access right and accurate information of the project 💪

🎉 Congratulations to all the winners.

Winners please DM @viktorzee with your ERC20 and BEP20 address

Good luck! Have a nice day!

Thank you DAOLand team for being part of this session.

DAOLand has a long way to go and we sure are happy to be part of it.

Thanks again and have a great day/evening/night to everyone who joined us for our AMA today!

Prajjwal Yadav (Marketing Lead — ZeroSwap)

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