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Etermon x ZeroSwap AMA Recap

Etermon x ZeroSwap AMA Recap 🚀

Hello folks!
Don’t worry! If you missed the opportunity to be a part of the AMA. Here is a quick recap for you!

Host (Viktor)
Viktor (Community Manager — ZeroSwap)

Guest (Etermon)
Trang Nguyen (Head Of Partnerships)

AMA details
📍 Venue:
🏆 Rewards: $100 worth ZEE amongst 5 lucky winners
🗓 Date: 12th Mar’22
Time: 1:00 PM UTC

Viktor:- Hello everyone

This is Viktor (Community Manager — ZeroSwap)

I welcome you all to this AMA session with the Etermon team.

Please note: There will be 2 rounds

1. Round 1 — ZeroSwap will be asking questions to Etermon Team
2. Round 2 — We will open the chat for the community questions, and the Etermon team will choose 05 questions and answer them.

Let’s get started!

On behalf of the entire ZeroSwap community and team, I welcome Trang from the Etermon team.

Trang:- Thanks for the introduction @Sanket Hi everyone, it’s my pleasure to join this AMA session and share information about the Etermon project

Viktor:- Alright, @Trang Nguyen we are ready to kick-start the AMA now.

Here comes First Question

Q1) Can you give a quick introduction about yourself to the community?

Trang:- Sure. My name is Trang, Etermon Head of Partnerships. I specialise in helping companies establish business relationships

Viktor:- Awesome!

Q2) Can you please introduce the project to our community? What Etermon is all about, and what does it offer to the community through its platform?

Trang:- My pleasure.

Etermon is a 2D card battle and turn-based game, where you can play PvP with other players or simply go PvE and team up with friends to defeat bosses. “Play to trade — Trade to earn” is the slogan of Etermon as players can enjoy unique features for great rewards. In any game modes, you can earn tokens with ease and upgrade your Eters in order to claim through ranks. Players can be awarded unique items with verifiable ownership that can then be traded, bought or sold.

Viktor:- That’s a great answer, I am sure we will remember our Childhood after playing this game.

Trang:- Thank you!

Viktor:- Are you ready for the next question?

Trang:- Yes sure. Excited to get more questions from the community as well

Viktor:- Here you go

Q3) How is Etermon different from its competitors?

Trang:- Good question, thanks. What makes Etermon different is the Ability system within the game. Etermon’s Ability system will allocate random Status points to each Eter — the monster in the game each time he levelled up. This will ensure that the same Etermons the players own, and train are unique. Players are the ones that determine the uniqueness of their own monsters.

Viktor:- That’s great. Seems we should play this game, According to its surprising features.

Q4) Can you throw some light on how Etermon is incentivising its users during the journey?

Trang:- This is also what our team cares about most. In the market, there are lots of games where the Reward Pool drains dramatically only after a few months and the price of the token is also dropping. The game is over if the rewards pool reaches ZERO. The Etermon team do have a solution for that to make sure the reward pools will last at least 3 years.

Besides, when joining the marketplace, a 5% fee will be charged for each transaction, in which 3% of the transaction fee will be transferred back to the Reward pool to ensure the reward pool for ingame will last long. This will also ensure the benefit of the players and the stabilization of the ecosystem.

Viktor:- I am sure, Community is Happy with your replies and Waiting for their questions to be answered.

Q5) Can you please highlight more on the security aspects of your project? I think this is crucial nowadays in this space, given that our users are our priority, and they deserve to be a part of a secure and trustworthy system.

Trang:- First, our smart contract has been audited by both CertiK and Solidity Finance. Besides that, The Etermon team applies many layers of security to avoid the risk of being hacked from the outside. Our team has a strong background in technology and is always on duty 24/7 to provide the best possible player support and to reduce the risk for players.

Done! I’m eager to wait for the questions from the community in our 2nd round

Viktor:- That’s Awesome. The main thing which users want is security and Audit.

Round 2 — Community Questions

Now I will open the chat for the community and our Guest will select the 5 Best questions to answer.

@Mrxn: Does your team has enough experience and are they public team or anonymous?

Trang: I’m very proud of Etermon’s team. Every member of the team is an expert in different fields. The team’s profiles are public in details in our website

@pahuja: What are the plan in the next 2 years?

Trang:- Beside focusing on product quality, we have planned a roadmap for long-term growth and ecosystem expansion in the future. Etermon is only our first product. We do have plans for our upcoming games including Eterfishing, Etergarden, which will be released next year. We will reveal the details very soon.

@Thu thảo: How can I participate in beta testing? If I find bugs or have some ideas to share, where do I send feedback

Trang:- Sure. We did have an internal test event in February, those who participated in this game test event can for sure join the beta testing. Close to the beta testing date, we will open new registration form for new users to register. Please follow our social channels for more update. Thank you!

@BENSTOCK: Many investors wants to see their favorite coin listed on Binance. What is your exchange listing plan on top tier exchange? are there any roadmap available?

Trang:- We also have discussion with top tier exchanges, but as you may know, the market during the past 2 months are not in a good situation, may exchanges already stopped receive new projects. We are finalizing the deals with some top exchanges and will update very soon

Viktor:- One more Best question of the day!

@faysal777: Do you have any websites or important links I Cannot find it. Are you a global project or not and how big is your team?

Trang:- Please find all the information on our website Tokenomics and whitepaper can be found here

Viktor:- Thanks for the answers @Trang Nguyen, I am sure everyone is satisfied and eager for the Etermon IDO.

Trang:- Great. Many thanks, @Sanket and everyone for your interest in the Etermon project! It is a pleasure to meet you and answer all of your questions today!

Viktor:- Thank you, everyone, for being a part of this wonderful session with the Etermon team.

And, On behalf of the entire ZeroSwap fraternity, I wish you all the best for your IDO and the journey ahead! We will extend our full support to our partners for a smooth journey ahead!

Congratulations to all the winners, Please DM me with your ERC20 and BEP20 wallet address

Do follow Etermon’s social media channels to access the right and accurate information about the project. Good luck! Have a nice day!

Viktor (Community Manager — ZeroSwap)

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