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Yield farming Opportunities for $ZEE Holders

Generate rewards with $ZEE Farming

👨‍🌾 $ZEE Farming Opportunites

Yield farming, also commonly known as liquidity mining, is a way to multiply your DeFi holdings. To explain this in simple words, it is merely parking your DeFi assets in a contract and earning rewards for it simultaneously.

At ZeroSwap, we are offering yield farming opportunities to all our ZEE Holders, and these varied opportunities are explained below:

1. ZeeDO Staking Module

You can stake $ZEE on our Zeroswap platform to earn $ZEE rewards with a 64% APY and is accessible on both Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain. This is also a prerequisite to participate in the IDO opportunities.

ZeeDO Staking Module:

2. ZEE-ETH UNI-V2 LP Staking Program with 716.079% APY

ZEE-ETH UNI-V2 LP on Uniswap is our first-ever liquidity rewards program for $ZEE holders. Users can still earn $ZEE token as rewards by simply providing liquidity to the Uniswap ZEE/ETH pair.

To know more about the steps to access this LPs rewards program, please follow the link below.

3. Farming on Polygon Chain with Dfyn Exchange

You can also stake ZEE/DFYN tokens in the DFYN LP pool to earn rewards in ZEE & DFYN at a competitive APR of 80%. Dfyn Integration has expanded our reach onto the Polygon network and has brought us a step closer to our multi-chain promise. This has also enabled wider access to our users.

To access the ZEE/DFYN LP Rewards Program, you would need $ZEE on the Polygon chain. You can use our ETH- POLYGON Bridge to convert your ZEE erc20 tokens to ZEE Matic to access this yield farming opportunity. This
Bi-Directional Bridge will enable you to mint $ZEE from ETH<>POLYGON and POLYGON<>ETH, respectively.

To learn more about this dual farming opportunity, please click on the link below.

4. Stake $ZEE and $HOTCROSS to earn $ZEE rewards

We’re thrilled to announce our latest single asset staking on Binance Smart Chain in collaboration with HotCross. This Hotcross Pool is already live, and you can stake $ZEE and $HOTCROSS ( BEP20) in a cross pool to earn rewards in $ZEE.

Cross Pool is a part of the Hot Cross product suite that offers a secure and decentralized way of rewarding users for staking both LP tokens and single-sided, traditional BEP20 tokens.

To learn more about participating in this cross pool, please click on the link below.

ZEE Smart Contracts and Bridge Details —

ZEE ERC20 Details —

ZEE BEP20 Details —


ZEE Polygon Details —

ZEE Polygon Pairs

Yield farming is a great way to earn rewards on your DeFi funds using permissionless liquidity protocols as it effortlessly allows you to earn passive income using the decentralized ecosystem. Yield farming is here to stay and change the investing landscape incredibly!

Why keep your assets idle when you can put them to work? Start now and make your move with ZeroSwap.

For any queries, reach out to our admins on Telegram Community —

About ZeroSwap and ZeeDO:

ZeroSwap is a multi-chain compatible decentralized exchange aggregator focused on making zero-fee transactions possible. We aim to make on-chain trading simple and easy by providing Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and DEXes access under one roof. One of the core utilities of ZEE is to reduce friction in fundraising using digital assets. To solve that, we have built a Dex Offering Platform Called — ZeeDO.

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