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YouClout — ZeroSwap AMA Recap

YouClout <> ZeroSwap AMA recap

Hello folks!
Don’t worry! If you missed the opportunity to be a part of the AMA. Here is a quick recap for you!

Host (ZeroSwap)
Sunny Rhode (Head of Marketing)

Guests (YouClout)
Vlad Ionut Stefan (CEO) & Alexandru Mincu (CTO)

AMA details
📍 Venue:
🏆 Rewards: $100 ZEE each to 5 lucky winners
🗓 Date: 04th Oct’21
Time: 2:00 PM UTC | 7:30 PM IST

AMA format
The AMA (Ask Me Anything) comprised of 2 rounds.
1st Round — ZeroSwap asked questions to the YouClout team
2nd Round — We opened the chat for the community after round 1 ended. The community members asked questions to the YouClout team. The team chose 5 questions and answered them.

Here we go with a quick recap for you!

Host (Sunny)
Hello everyone 👋
This is Sunny Rhode (Head of Marketing — ZeroSwap & Defi Wizard)
I welcome you all to this AMA session with the YouClout team.

Guest (Vlad)
Hello hello!
absolute pleasure being here

Host (Sunny)
On behalf of the entire ZeroSwap community and team, I would like to welcome Vlad Ionut Stefan (CEO) & Alexandru Mincu (CTO) from YouClout team.🥳

We are really delighted to have you guys here with us.
Thanks for sparing a moment for our beloved community members.

How are you guys doing? @mincua @Oldschoolchap

Guest (Vlad)
Well, we are very good and very excited about tomorrow's launch, we are swamped and tired, made a 30hour sprint to make everything flowless for tomorrow.
At the end of the AMA, we will even share a photo of the marketplace as a sneak peek. It is the 2nd community that is seeing it and it is not out yet :D

Host (Sunny)
That’s really nice!
We are excited for the same!🥳
Let’s begin!

Please note: There will be 2 rounds

1. Round 1 — ZeroSwap will be asking questions to the YouClout Team

2. Round 2 — We will open the chat for the community questions and the YouClout team will choose 05 questions and answer them.

Guest (Vlad)

Host (Sunny)
To all the folks, make sure you grab the information so well and take the lead in the learn and earn quiz! We have some good rewards for the winners ☺️
Here we go!

Q1) Can you guys give a quick introduction about yourself to the community?

Guest (Alexandru)
Hi, I’m Alex and I’m the CTO of YouClout, I’ve been building software for 25 years, from big web platforms to mobile apps, and enterprise apps. I’ve been in crypto for 8 years and built different end-to-end solutions on the web, different blockchains & mobile.

YouClout is a great pleasure where we can put all the skills the team has learned to work building a solution that bridges from mobile to web to multiple blockchains.

Guest (Vlad)
My name is Vlad Ionut Stefan and I am the CEO of Youclout. I’ve managed more than 20 projects since early 2017 and now I will be presenting the YouClout project. I’ve been working on for around 1 year.

My experience is vast in project management, go to market strategy, partnerships and all it takes to make a project great.

As per education I’ve finish the Business Management in German language University in Bucharest and have a master degree in financial consulting. Made a short presentation of myself.

Host (Sunny)
Wow! This is so impressive. The fact that you guys have brought so much experience already to the crypto space. I believe its really gonna be an interesting conversation ahead.

I would like to highlight a small point to the community here. The project drivers are really pivotal for the overall development and I see Youclout having a strong team experience at the fundamental level.

Thanks for sharing.

Q2) Can you please introduce the project to our community? What YouClout is all about and what it offers to the community through its platform?

Guest (Vlad)
Sure! So everything started one year ago in a zoom conference which we had to remake cause of disconnects and other bugs, that was the moment I said I will make a conference platform in which I will integrate a tik tok style marketplace for video NFTs. And that was the birthplace of YouClout. And I’ve been working on it ever since. And I’ve been working on it ever since. and here are some features of the YouClout platform:

1. Easily create a fanbase around your video content with our powerful decentralized feature set.

2. Tokenized membership in one click. Easily create a free channel with exclusive content for your ytoken holders.

3. Scale your reach. go from small session to a full blown virtual conference or event.

4. Blockchain powered. Transparent, censorship-resistant and no middle man. Value goes to you.

5. NFT ready. Easily turn any content into an environmentally friendly NFTs.

6. A full blown marketplace. Trady ytokens and NFTs in our bespoke marketplace.

7. Dedicated artificial intelligence enhanced content feed ensure the right content finds the right audience

8. Virtual events that can match a Woodstock/Coachella scale or a big expo is now possible with Youclout

9. Discover creators with our category leaderboards based on ytokens, engagement and quality of content.

10. Brand new tools for interacting with fans and brand new ways to earn more as a creator!

11. Fully decentralized mean creators own their content 100%!

For us to really put all in, it will take around 3 hours talking about all the small things we are going to put in and how we design and developed everything but for starters i think it is enough.

Host (Sunny)
The list is phenomenal! So much to grab from this.

Looks like, there are so many opportunitites on the lines of expanding one’s creativity and art in general through the kind of platform YouClout gives to an individual. Today, the individual feels empowered because of such opportunities to grow. I feel we can spot a lot in the message above.

Good work!

Guest (Vlad)
Well, we will be giving the power to the community the platform is community driven. so everything ill be up for voting

Host (Sunny)
More power to the community is the key! I second that!
Let’s move on to the next question.

Q3) How is YouClout different from its competitors? Can you please throw some light on this aspect too.

Guest (Alexandru)
Any digital piece of content that can be presented in a short form video can be sold on the platform, this will include almost anything. Users will be able to create multiple videos for one piece of content to present multiple facets and just tell a better story. Our platform will allow users to both create & publish fungible & non-fungible tokens as well as market and sell them

Guest (Vlad)
Basically, we do not have a competition, cause there is no product with so many features and opportunities.

Really close to competition would be for the nft marketplace, opensea, other than that with the whole combination that we are building, I don’t see any project that is alike.

Host (Sunny)
Well, in that case I see that YouClout is probably be having an early-mover advantage in the space.

Guest (Vlad)
yes and we are planning on taking FULL advantage of it.

Host (Sunny)
I see the idea here to amplify the overall spectrum of people who are so much into Tiktok, reels, etc. They are literally spending hours and hours to create digital content. Makes sense! So, we are technically looking at an astronomical user base. Quite impressive!

Let’s move on to the next question

Q4) Can you throw some light on how YouClout is incentivizing its users during the journey?

Guest (Vlad)
Sure, so basically, all content creators will make their own VIP lounge, which will have X seats, based on the pledges he gets from the community. Each person can buy his seat in the influencer lounge for X Youclout tokens, 98.5% percent goes to the influencer and the rest is platform revenue

From the platform revenue 50% will be burned from team tokens, up to 75% percent of the team tokens will be burned in the end decreasing the total supply and increasing the value

Host (Sunny)
So, this is directly optimising the user incentive. Numbers are really solid.

Guest (Vlad)
Yes, basically platform takes penny on the dollar. we encourage every influencer to join our platform and also use our marketplace.

Host (Sunny)
I believe this is a good strategy to keep going, cementing your position in the long run

Guest (Vlad)
When a event will take place in the metaverse, random unique airdrops CAN be made by us, depending on the product. We have alot of “firepower” in our sleeves and we would like not to reveal all of them at once :D

just giving some hits on how the platform will be

Host (Sunny)
Scarcity fetches value and that is what the above token burn is leading towards! Value creation! And I am sure. This is probably only project with so much hype across 6 IDO platforms.

We see the fire-power you are talking about 😛

Guest (Vlad)
Sunny, it is basically the only project that was hosted by 6 different IDO platforms !

Host (Sunny)
I am liking the energy! Indeed
Lets take another question

This is really important, looking at the current deFi space.

Q5) Can you please highlight more on the security aspects of your project?

Guest (Alexandru)
All the smart contracts are being audited as we speak and so is the rest of the NFT marketplace platform. We’re designing everything to be decentralised and transparent so no security issues can sneak past.

All transactions will be viewable on sites like and inspectable by our users. We’ve designed everything with security in mind so we can take care of our users & creators

Host (Sunny)
Good to know. And I am sure almost everyone would have expected this question to come up. Thanks for sharing!

Although, I am done with all the questions but I am full of curiosity right now 😋 I would really want to know more about your future marketing plans.

Given the fact that there is a lot of hype around the project that is going to launch on 6 IDO platforms.

Guest (Vlad)
The future marketing plans are to onboard as many influencers as possible and I am going to make a Prime announcement for the Zeroswap community.

We are going to create unique 80 piece NFT-collection of different very well known people, that we are going to list on youclout, each NFT will be a unique picture with a lifetime period of each one.

At the moment the influencer on YouClout have a reach of over 1.5M people

Host (Sunny)
This is a really good number. I mean the level of engagement would be insane for the content creators in general.

Guest (Vlad)
That is what we are counting on.

Host (Sunny)
We are really delighted to feel the kinda of energy Youclout team has brought to the table.

So, this brings us to the end of 1st half of the AMA session. I am sure lot of community members are waiting to shoot their questions .

Thanks @Oldschoolchap @mincua for sharing some key insights with all of us.

let’s proceed for the community round.

Community Round

YouClout team will choose 5 questions to answer. I am unmuting the group…

Guest (Vlad)
Wow, guys, the engagement is amazing, such a warm welcome!

Guest (Alexandru)
oh yes

Host (Sunny)
We have some work coming for our fingers. Too many questions

Q1. Isabella Johnson (@YaekoFish): Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place?

Answer — Guest (Alexandru)
Our smart contracts & platform code is being audited as we speak

Q2. Soji Mitsuka (@VitaUrbina): Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiration for approaching to this name?

Answer — Guest (Vlad)
Hello Soji. It is the first time someone in asking us and it is a very inspiring story! So the indeed was from YouTube and Metaverse and we did YouClout — So if you check the logos on

you will see that the “Y” is actually a boomerang with the play button in upper right side, so in terms, whatever you do, it comes back to you.

Q3. Soji Mitsuka (@VitaUrbina): Does your Project have a marketing strategy to expand on social networks to reach more Investors and your Project community? And how will you handle it? How important is community support for the $your Project project?

Answer — Guest (Alexandru)
We’ll be doing marketing to attract both incluencers & users for the platform, many of theese will end up buying YCT to unlock features and support the platform.

Q4. Sherrie Keith (@Michal_Peterman_1994): Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Answer — Guest (Alexandru)
Yes, we’ll burn 25% of the transaction fees, 50% will go to the seller, 25% to the platform.

Q5. Space Protector (@paulosantosbqe): Staking, NFT is very hottest, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the achieved future?

Answer — Guest (Vlad)
The whole project is around NFTs, we have a marketplace — TikTok Style marketplace and in the metaverse there will be something like a play to earn on your land and in different events with random nft drops.

Q6. Rosany (@xiaoke_ai): Many new projects are risky and subject to smart contracts bugs and vulnerability . Can you assure us What steps has been taken for safety of your platform and have you done any Audit?

Answer — Guest (Alexandru)
The NFTs created on our platform will use our audited smart contract, the ones that are created by other users will be reviewed by our review team and marked as verified if everything pans out.

Host (Sunny)
Thanks for answering the questions Vlad and Alexandru!
I know with so much enthusiasm here, we can’t really answer all the questions. But, I woudld suggest people to follow all the social handles of YouClout and get in touch with the team.

They have tried to provide community with 360 degree information about the project.

On behalf of the community, I would like appreciate YouClout team for coming here and spending some good time with all of us.

Guest (Alexandru)
Thanks a lot for having us! It was a pleasure!

Guest (Vlad)
We would suggest everyone to join YouClout telegra, Announcement channel, Twitter for all the info:

Host (Sunny)
I am sure the community will welcome such a unique project and support you in the long run.

Guest (Vlad)
Was an absolute pleasure with you guys! Before we go, as promised, let me share a sneak peek of the marketplace.

Host (Sunny)
Wow! This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing @Oldschoolchap

So, we are concluding this AMA session with YouClout team.

Congratulations to all the AMA winners!🥳

Hope you all enjoyed the session and are prepared for the IDO launch tomorrow!🔥

Thanks again @Oldschoolchap @mincua!

We wish you guys all the best!

Guest (Vlad)
Was an absolute pleasure with you guys! Thank you for having us here

Host (Sunny)
Good luck! Have a nice day!
Thank you YouClout team for being part of this session.

ZeroSwap community never disappoints! Kudos to all of you!
We all wish you all the best!

YouClout has a long way to go!! 🥳

Sunny Rhode (Head of Marketing — ZeroSwap & Defi Wizard)

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