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ZEE — Staking 2.0 is Now Live!

More Rewarding, Multi-Chain, Intuitive UI, Secure.

Staking 2.0 is now live.

ZeroSwap is pleased to announce one of its most awaited reward programs, Staking 2.0. The success of Staking 1.0 was a validation of our “Customer First” approach. It benefitted users in multiple ways, viz., attractive reward, instant claiming, and zero-risk participation to IDOs at ZeeDO.

Staking 2.0 is an extension of our “Customer First” approach. Staking 2.0 therefore, aims to offer our users more!

Success Story: Staking 1.0

To Date, out of 60M ZEE in circulation, 30M+ are staked across BSC and ETH, which is 50% of the total current supply. BSC contributes 22.5M+ and ETH contributes 7.6M+ respectively. These staggering numbers state two things clearly. First, the enduring belief of the community, and second, the benefits & value-add that ZEE is bringing to its users.

Staking 1.0: A Glance

Introducing Staking 2.0

Staking 2.0 is an extension of Staking 1.0 with the added benefit of multifold rewards.
Let’s have a look at what Staking 2.0 has to offer:

  • More Rewarding: APY now increased to 75%, a straight 11% increase from the existing 64%
  • Expansion to Polygon: Expansion to Polygon brings two core values to its users. First, it gives additional staking apart from the existing BSC and ETH, and secondly, now users can participate in Polygon IDO projects too, and that too risk-free.
  • Intuitive UI: We have spent considerable time and effort to design a user-friendly interface that is visually appealing and reduces the friction for seamless access. The current UI also aims to provide users with more valuable insights. Overall, it’s simple, visually appealing, and more insightful.
  • Extended value adds: Apart from access to IDO projects, Staking 2.0 will offer one of the essential value adds: gasless trades in upcoming mainnet DEX. The DEX is currently in the test-net version and will soon be available for users on the mainnet.
  • Security: How vital security aspects play a role in blockchain where most often than not, we hear about security hacks. To mitigate such risks, ZeroSwap has completed the smart contract audit of Staking 2.0 by TechRate; a leading smart contract audit firm focused on DeFi projects and Ethereum/ Binance chain smart contracts.

To access the complete audit report, click HERE.

Comparative analysis of Staking 1.0 vs Staking 2.0

Staking 1.0 vs Staking 2.0

Access the Guide to transit from Staking 1.0 to Staking 2.0 by clicking HERE.

ZeroSwap Ecosystem: A Glance

At the foundation’s core, from the functional perspective, lies two pillars of ZeroSwap Ecosystem — Multi-Chains and Horizontal Integration.


ZeroSwap has established itself as a leading player in the industry, capable of offering a multi-chain product portfolio:

  • ZeeDO: A multi-chain token launch platform and have successfully launched ~20 projects
  • ZeroSwap DEX: Multi-chain compatible DEX, focusing on making zero-fee transactions possible in a gasless manner
  • Bridge: ETH-BSC and ETH-Polygon bi-directional bridge. No fee is attached to the usage of the bridge except the unavoidable network fee.

Horizontal Integration

The recent acquisition of DeFi Wizard has enabled ZeroSwap to cater to all the needs of projects across its lifecycle, known as Horizontal Integration. It has pioneered itself in being the market leader in providing Smart Contract as a Service (SCAS) solutions concisely. To Date, we have successfully served 50+ clients and counting.

Through DeFi Wizard, ZeroSwap specializes in Smart Contract Creation & Vesting Contract, Investor Token Claiming Dashboard, Bridging as a Service, Staking as a Service, Liquidity Reward Program as a Service, Customised Smart Contract Solutions, and Enterprise solutions.

To read more about the DeFi Wizard product portfolio, click HERE.

DeFi Wizard Ecosystem

Closing Thoughts

ZeroSwap, at its core, is customer-centric, operating in an agile methodology. What it translates to is that it’s quick in responding and adapting to changes. Staking 2.0 is proper validation of this. Staking 2.0 is expected to give a better user experience, security, and more rewards. It will be our best efforts to keep delivering and, most importantly, keep evolving. Lastly, all this would not have been possible without the co-operation and support of our community members. So, as always, we extend our gratitude to all the members.

Have a Happy Staking!

About ZeroSwap

ZeroSwap is a multi-chain compatible decentralized exchange aggregator focused on making zero-fee transactions possible. We aim to make on-chain trading simple and easy by providing access to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and DEXes access under one roof.

One of the core utilities of ZEE is to reduce friction in fundraising using digital assets. To solve that, we have built a DEX Offering Platform Called — ZeeDO.

Join Us!

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Multi-Chain protocol with Liquidity Mining, DeFi Token Offering, and DEX Aggregation. All that power to DeFi with Zero Fee using Transaction Fee Mining.

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