$ZEE Staking no Longer Required to Swap Gasless on Polygon, Avalanche and BNB Chain

Pay Zero Gas and No Exchange Fee on ZeroSwap DEX.

2 min readMay 2, 2022


$ZEE Staking is no longer required on ZeroSwap DEX

ZeroSwap’s vision is to reduce the cost of trading on-chain. We launched Zero Gas and No Exchange fee DEX in alignment with our vision: https://bit.ly/3vw8N2F

The way DEX functions is we bootstrap the gas from our pocket so that you do not have to pay for it yourself. The experience is similar to swiping a 💳 when you pay for groceries. Now never worry about what the transaction cost would be. Connect and Trade!

You can currently access, Avalanche, BNB Chain and Polygon on the DEX.

How do we Build the DEX?

  • We built our meta transactions to facilitate gas-less swaps.
  • What are meta-transactions: All transactions on-chain use gas; even though the gas cost is low, you always need to have the token native to the chain on which you are swapping, for example, $AVAX in the case of Avalanche. In the case of meta transactions, a third party can send another user’s transaction and pay for the transaction on their own. The only pre-requisite is the user needs to sign the message that contains information that needs to be sent to the network.

Removal of $ZEE Staking to swap on the DEX.

At ZeroSwap, we are constantly focusing on building such avenues for our users that make them earn some passive income and make their day-to-day on-chain trading life simpler and smooth. Keeping a customer-first approach, we built a lot of utilities for the holders of our native token $ZEE

$ZEE is at the heart of the ZeroSwap ecosystem; staking $ZEE gives you access to a yield, participation in the launch of selected projects, and access to the Zero gas and No Exchange fee DEX, the “ZeroSwap DEX.

We launched the BNB Chain and Polygon Chain on the DEX with a Stake of $ZEE → Access Zero Gas and No Exchange Fee.

However, to provide a simpler user experience, we have decided to remove this requirement and let users enjoy seamless on-chain trading 🤑.

So, voila! Isn’t that a wonderful move for You!

Why Wait? Go to the ZeroSwap DEX Now, Connect your wallet and swap endlessly: https://bit.ly/3vw8N2F

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