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ZeroSwap February 2022 Recap

ZeroSwap Feb ’22 Recap


We started the year with a bang and we are still rolling on the same beat. This month, we have some really big milestones to celebrate. ZeeDEX is now live on Avalanche powered with gasless trades and everything phenomenal. And that’s not just it, we also rolled out the future roadmap of the ZeroSwap and DeFi Wizard!


Project Launched on ZeeDO:

🔷 ZeroSwap x Legion Network:

Legion Network IDO

We are thrilled to announce the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of Legion Network on ZeeDo.

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Product & Growth Updates:

🔷 ZeroSwap Mobile Wallet Beta Launched:

ZeroSwap Mobile Wallet App

ZeroSwap Mobile Wallet App Got Approved by Apple Developer Store. Get Ready to Access Gasless Swaps on MultiChains with one tap!

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🔷 1st Community Leader of the Month Announced:

Community Leader of the Month Feb ‘22

Under ZeroSwap’s Playbook, we launched The Community Leader of The Month Program. We are delighted to announce Austin as the First Leader!

We thank him for the constant support, active involvement, constructive criticism & much more; his contributions never cease!

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🔷 Regional Community Leader — the Mod Program Announced:

Regional Community Leader

Application for our Regional Community leader is now live! Help us in expanding our horizon in regional communities.

The list of rewards include:

• Fixed Monthly Reward

• Exclusive NFT & Merch

• Early access to the upcoming launches and more!

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🔷ZeroSwap on Avalanche:

  1. Zee launch on Avalanche Roadmap -
Avalanche Roadmap

Avalanche is coming in the Zeeverse near you! Avalanche has been changing the game since September 2021, and now’s the time for the $ZEE fam to enjoy its endless utilities under the ZeroSwap umbrella!

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2. ZEE Staking on Avalanche Launched -

Staking on Avalanche

$ZEE Staking on Avalanche is now live! You can stake $ZEE and earn massive rewards on the Avalanche chain.

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3. ZeroSwap SuperFarm on Pangolin -

SuperFarm On Pangolin

Farming season is here and it brings along a chance to double your rewards.

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4. ZEE Avax support on AscendEx -

Avax support on AscendEx

AscendEx now supports $ZEE #AVAX which means that ZEE holders can now deposit and withdraw with $ZEE tokens at Avalanche.

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5. Gasless DEX (ZeeDEX) on Avalanche chain launched -

ZeeDEX is live on Avalanche! Swap Limitlessly with No Gas, Zero Fees, and Best Rates on our Multichain DEX Aggregator.

Marketing & Community Engagement:

🔷 Chinese New Year Celebration -

We celebrated the Chinese New Year with the ZeroSwap Family!

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🔷 ZeroSwap Art Competition-

ZeroSwap X Avalanche Art Contest

We have recently integrated the Avalanche chain in the ecosystem by launching our Gasless ZeeDEX on it. To celebrate, we are thrilled to announce the ZeroSwap x Avalanche Art Contest!

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🔷 ZeroSwap coverage by Altcoin Buzz -

Want to know an overview of the ZeroSwap product suite? Check out the special coverage by Altcoin Buzz on their Youtube channel talking about our Multichain Gasless World!

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🔷 Seeking Feedback -

Zeroswap Seeking Feedback

We’ve seen an overwhelming response to our ZeeDEX launch on Avalanche. As we plan to better the user experience, we seek your feedback. Valuable inputs will be rewarded 100 $ZEE

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📊 Growth on Socials

Here’s a quick sneak-peek into our soaring high numbers on the social fronts.

  • Twitter [ZeroSwap Labs]: ~53.9K Followers
  • Twitter [ZeroSwap EcoSystem]: 30K Followers
  • TG [Ann.]: 15.3K+ Subscribers
  • TG [Chat]: 19K+ Members

DeFi Wizard


🔷 Partnership with MyraTechAI-

DeFi Wizard X Myra TechAI

MYRA Dynamic Staking Reward Program, a custom white-label solution powered by DeFi Wizard is now live.

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🔷 DeFi Wizard Roadmap Released:

DeFi Wizard Roadmap

The Most Awaited news is here! We are thrilled to present the roadmap of the merger of DeFi Wizard with ZeroSwap.

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🔷 Burn Update:

The burn is done. As the first step towards merging ZeroSwap with DeFi Wizard, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve successfully burned 437,400 $DWZ tokens

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📊 Community Growth

Growth on the social fronts for DeFi Wizard is also astounding. Have a look:

  • Telegram [Ann.]: ~5.1K
  • Telegram [Chat]: ~7.6K
  • Twitter [Official]: ~10K+ Followers

And just like that, we are all set to sail 2022 in stride. The most awaited DeFi Wizard and ZeroSwap merger roadmap is out. And we are striving towards bringing you more and better additions to it. Keep watching this space for further updates.

About ZeroSwap and ZeeDO

ZeroSwap is a multi-chain compatible decentralized exchange aggregator focused on making zero-fee transactions possible. We aim to make on-chain trading simple and easy by providing access to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and DEXes access under one roof. One of the core utilities of ZEE is to reduce friction in fundraising using digital assets; to solve that, we have been building a DEX Offering Platform Called — ZeeDO.

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About DeFi Wizard

DeFi Wizard is a market leader in providing smart contract-based solutions to blockchain companies in launching their tokens and post token launch services. It offers one-stop, one-click, multi-chain services catering to several essential needs.

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