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ZeroSwap Partners with Altonomy

$ZEE Liquidity Management over various centralised exchanges

Amidst the growth in DeFi and on-chain trading on DEX, the multi-chain protocol ZeroSwap is setting the stage to bring forward gas-less transactions and zero trade fees for traders accessing decentralized exchanges through its platform with minimum friction and seamless experience.

We launched our native token $ZEE on DEX followed by CEX for traders to acquire $ZEE as per their preference, however, the liquidity provisions on both mediums vary, to deliver the best experience to traders, bridging the liquidity gap between former and later we have partnered with Altonomy.

Altonomy is a leader in globally-recognized trading, advisory, and asset management firm specializing in cryptocurrency and digital assets. It is the first-ever dedicated sell-side trading desk to provide institutional-grade liquidity solutions, OTC trading, advisory, and asset management services under one roof.

At ZeroSwap, this is an important partnership — as Altonomy will play an integral part in our ecosystem and in conjunction with managing $ZEE liquidity wherever it gets listed.

2020 has been a frenzy for ETH based DEXes — such as Uniswap, Curve, Balancer, taking the spotlight with the highest TVL. Challenging the status quo surrounding centralized exchange dominance in both listing and trading of digital assets. ZeroSwap is driven towards solving on-chain trading challenges, we are addressing the pressing needs such as ever-soaring gas costs, and trade-fees. We want to empower DEXes through our platform, and in line with Altonomy’s recognized success with their robust suite of algorithms and strategies deployed on over 100 centralized exchanges and various major DeFi players in the space; together, we will be bringing forward efficient and reliable liquidity management solutions on exchanges for traders to benefit.

We believe ZeroSwap’s multi-chain approach is a gamechanger for the market and we look forward to the evolution of their trading platform, our active involvement with them will take forward this unique idea to various exchange avenuessaid Lawrence Cao, the Co-Founder of Altonomy.

We found that Altonomy understand ZeroSwap’s value proposition, they will simplify accessing $ZEE token to users as the primary liquidity manager; not only do they see the value in enabling a zero-fee and gasless trading experience, they understand the vision and technology driving ZeroSwap and the benefits this will bring towards the DeFi space and driving DEX adoption further. said Chandrashekar Ram, ZeroSwap CEO.

The ZeroSwap platform has undergone security audits by Peckshield Inc. and brought in $2.2 Million in funding from notable backers such as AU21, TRGC, GenBlock, Alphabit, M6, Pranav Sharma (Founder of Woodstock Fund), and Lester Lim (X21 Ventures) to help us build our multichain protocol and bootstrap the gas initially in the protocol for enabling gasless transactions. The platform will support both Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Elrond — with more layer 1 protocols down the pipeline. ZeroSwap has recently launched on Uniswap and Mooniswap, followed by MXC Exchange with significant success.

We are excited to have forged this strategic partnership with Altonomy and are looking forward towards bringing a gasless and feeless DEX future.

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