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Product vs Project Management, are they not the same?

It’s not that hard to explain the difference. The two roles often overlap in a few organizations, and it’s pretty common to see project managers acting as product managers

  • Number of downloads (Apps)
  • Cost of Acquisition (CAC)
  • Retention
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Look at all the available data (views, clicks, flow, etc…)
  • Build an experiment

So, how about a project manager?

A project manager is different because they are responsible for accomplishing a project, not just one goal. A project usually has a timeline, a budget, and quality requirements as a constraint.

  • When a tech company needs to change its entire tech stack.
  • When a tech company needs to build a dedicated solution for a client; pretty standard in B2B and one of the worst nightmare for a product manager.

Is there a gray area between the two PMs?

Depends. I know, annoying to read this answer, but it’s true. It’ll depend on the sector, company, and especially the project and product management methodology your company adopted.

  1. processor
  2. hard disk
  3. RAM
  4. screen
  5. keyboard
  6. power
  7. battery
  8. and much more
  • frontend
  • window
  • Typography
  • buttons
  • alerts
  • and much more

A brief recap

Even that it is easy to identify the difference between the two PMs’ roles, it’s a lot of info to digest.



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