The Developer’s Edge: How To Become A Senior Developer

Andrei Neagoie
Mar 4, 2017 · 12 min read
Climb up that knowledge ladder. Hipster shoes not required.

What Do We Want?

We all strive to be better at our jobs. What the specifics of that statement may be is up to the individual person. However, most people can agree on a few common things:

  • We want to be respected by our coworkers
  • We want to feel smart and accomplished
  • We want to feel appreciated

What Is A Senior Developer?

Got It. How Do I Become One?

1. Technical Skills

2. Team Skills

3. Client/User Skills

5. Sales/Interview Skills

6. Community Skills

One Final Thing

If you are able to actively work on the above skills, you will set yourself apart immediately. However, I have left the most important topic out of this list: You enjoy what you are doing. If you don’t enjoy learning everyday about computer science and software development, you will never become a senior developer because you won’t have the drive to be better over the long term. If you have ever read So Good They Can’t Ignore You you understand that passion has been over-hyped. The real passion comes after you have mastered a skill. You have worked hard to become proficient and a leader in a field. You have developed those skills and now the respect and the benefit you provide to others pushes you to become better and better to get more of these good feelings. That’s how you develop passion for work that you do.


If you have learned to code and are looking for the next step in your career you need to think differently. How are you able to stand out? How are you able to grow? How are you able to help people solve real problems and provide value? You become a senior developer by not doing the easy things. You do the things that push and challenge your mind and comfort level. You learn and you adapt day by day just like you did the first time your wrote that first piece of code. Each step will be small, but in a span of a lifetime, a small step turns into miles. Never stop reading and never stop learning, but also know what’s a valuable use of your time and what isn’t.

One last thing…

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