Apple & Its Surprises!!


Recently Apple has added one more apple in its bucket which is iPhone SE. With the launch of this new compact mobile, Apple again left the apple loyalist in cold by doing an unthinkable event like they did way back in 2014 with the launch of iPhone 6: A first big screen mobile of Apple. Everyone has a different opinion about this compact & smart piece of technology.

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Basically the new iPhone SE is a return to the classic design of the iPhone 5S with new upgraded features of iPhone 6S. So, if you’re in the market for a new phone, here are the pros & cons for you to decide whether you should buy the new iPhone SE or not.

Pros and Cons:


  • Fast Processor: The latest iPhone SE has a fast A9 processor, with 2GB RAM. It also supports the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards and faster LTE which is up to 15 bands and can go to 150mbps. It has the latest version of iOS 9.3 and functions remarkably faster with multitasking. In other words, it is closer to iPhone 6 than iPhone 6s, but still ahead of iPhone 5s. Basically, the iPhone makers have tried to make a device just like our lives, faster and advanced.
  • Smart Camera: People has the misconception that the iPhone SE camera is similar to the iPhone 5s, but actually iPhone SE has an up-to-date, really good 12 mp iSight camera with a developed feature of retina flash, which would add extra brightness to your clicks — pretty much commensurate with iPhone 6s. There’s also an advanced Apple A9 image signal processor (ISP), with which you can capture movement & sound along with the moment. Yes, The Face Time camera is of the same resolution as iPhone 5s which is 1.2 mp , for this reason it may not be a good selfie phone but it is brand iPhone which has iSight camera and is totally extraordinary.
  • Long Battery Life: As compared to the other iPhone models, SE has much longer battery life. A smartphone’s display is one of the major reasons for the power drain. So having a smaller display is an added advantage for SE’s battery life. Apple says that the SE has the best battery life of its entire iPhone range.
  • Cool Software: There is nothing surprisingly new in SE when it comes to its software. But it has apps such as Apple Pay, Live Photos & Touch ID, available on it. The Night Shift feature of the SE is one of the best features which automatically change the screen color at night thus it reduces strain level on your eyes in night.
  • Compact Size & Light Weight: SE is one of the best pieces of tech. for those who like to keep a compact, lightweight and easy to carry mobile. SE has 4 inch display screen and is 30 grams lighter than iPhone 6/6S which makes a surprisingly large difference to make it more portable. That is why it is easier to carry around and lighter in your bags or pockets.
  • Classic Hardware: When it comes to SE’s hardware, it can give a neck to neck competition to all the previous top line models of iPhone. It has a symmetric design with an elegant matte finish to the chambers hence it would last long. Also it comes with sans antenna and bulges which evenly augment the look of the phone.
  • Royal Brand Name: “Classy means iPhone”. Yes, millennials are getting more brand conscious now a days and owning an iPhone means owning a class itself. So if we look at SE, connecting it with it’s luxury brand name, its worth compromising on its few drawbacks.


  • Price: The major reason for anyone not to go for iPhone SE would be the price tag it comes with which is INR 39,000. The fact is, this price tag not only makes iPhone SE an unapproachable dream for most of the buyers in India but also makes it a direct competitor to iPhone 6S and other potential android smartphones.
  • Small Screen: iPhone SE comes with a 4 inches small screen which is too small for the Indian buyers in this price range. So in India, SE might not get that strong hold in the market.
  • Missing 3D touch: SE doesn’t have 3D touch feature: The most amazing & newest feature of iPhone. That mean the iPhone SE users will not be able to use the new app navigation tool which Apple has integrated into its top smartphone.
  • Design: iPhone SE has the same old design like iPhone 5 & 5S. Only Rose gold color comes with the distinguishable feature, matte finish on the chamfered edges.
  • No New feature: Basically despite being the newest apple of Apple there is nothing new and outstanding in this phone which separates it from the rest.
Note: This post was originally published in April 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
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