Leaders of tomorrow partner with ZeroWaste to make India E-Waste Clean

In its attempt to get rid of our homes and work places of hazardous E-Waste and to create the right atmosphere ZeroWaste is roping in the next generation people and converting them into change agents. In yet another feat of sorts Young Leaders are responding to the clarion call and joining to take ZeroWaste “Make India E-Waste Clean” Mission forward.

“Update: ZeroWaste is now InstaCash

Indeed the mission is onerous and the goal is high, to #MakeIndiaEWasteClean. #ZeroWaste understands to achieve such a goal and to sustain the endeavour for long a concerted effort has to be put in based on professional lines. ZeroWaste believes unless the right people aren’t involved the task would only remain arduous and limited in its approach. Therefore the leaders of tomorrow have to be made part and inducted into the processes.

Aiming for an ongoing success ZeroWaste has partnered with leaders, appointed franchisees and collection centres which in due course of time would give the required impetus to the efforts.

Since it is running on professional lines a well thought out strategically laid out system has been put in place. A series of training sessions and workshops are being conducted to impart the necessary understanding, skills and zeal, turning the cause into a viable social entrepreneurial programme.

Continuous trainings and workshops are the fundamental steps meant to be hand holding exercises for the inductees to turn into change agents working independently and supporting the system in their own ways.

ZeroWaste today boasts of a growing list of collection centres and franchisees which have joined and not only benefitted from the programme but also have seen the economic viability of the social entrepreneurship.

The training programs are carried out at regular intervals who have enrolled themselves to be the social entrepreneurs. ZeroWaste encourages individual set ups and businesses to partner with it.

Connect today with #ZeroWaste to know more at

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Note: This post was originally published in April 2015 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
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