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Meet Zetane and Watch us Present at The Grande Messe and The Innovators Show

Get your free passes and a first-hand look at all that is new and exciting in tech entrepreneurship and software tools for AI.

This May in Montreal will be choc-full of more than just colourful blooms: presentations from members of team Zetane will also spring forth. We hope you can join us at these convivial tech and start-up events happening on May 14 and May 21. We’ll be pitching and exhibiting on topics of broad interest to technology aficionados as well as folks that love everything to do with business. The only thing that’s missing is you, so be sure to get your free pass to both events today.

La Grande Messe 2021 — May 14

The pandemic won’t stop this popular annual event from taking off this Friday. Organized by the leading organization promoting innovation and economic development through entrepreneurship — which happens to also be one of our latest funders and mentors — the Fondation Montréal Inc. will welcome 40 of the top innovative new companies in the city to show all that they got on stage. See start-ups in science & health, technology, sustainable development & environment and society pitch their innovations to the public and media. You’ll also have time to ask one-on-one questions to the participating founders at their company booth. Get your ticket here:

Innovators Show by Montreal New Tech — May 21

The folks at Montreal New Tech recently launched a new, interactive speaker series where they interview leaders in Montreal’s tech entrepreneurship sector. The next Innovators Show will welcome our Chief Product and Chief Executive Officers, where they will show all of us what AI technology actually looks like by demonstrating intuitive visuals of machine learning models used in industry.

You can register for the free event here:

Here is a promotional summary describing what you will see from this convivial discussion made for diverse business and technology professionals.

Join this episode of the Interactive Gamified INNOVATORS SHOW to unlock the black box of AI and see what’s behind the veil. Interest in applying AI is at an all-time high, yet for many, the technology remains a “mysterious black-box”. Using AI in a meaningful and impactful way requires more than just Python code. To demystify this, we are speaking with 2 special guests who have figured out how to make AI more transparent and accessible. Their goal, to “democratize” Artificial Intelligence by turning complex neural networks into rich detailed visuals that make it possible for anyone to decode what their AI is actually doing. We are also very keen to hear from our guests how they leverage open-source standards to promote innovation in machine learning. And as seeing is believing, our guests from Zetane have kindly agreed to show us a live demonstration of what AI in action actually looks like! Sign up today, and move beyond code and algorithms along with our interactive show!

Our next presentation is happening in June

Another event of interest is happening on June 17, where our CEO, Guillaume Hervé, will present at the Adopting AI for Enterprise Insights event. His talk focuses on how to obtain more trustworthy AI for enterprise by producing more transparent, explainable algorithms.

Learn more here:



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Jason Behrmann, PhD

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