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Our latest pitch at the Grande Messe 2021

In case you missed it, here is our pitch and transcript.

Zetane was one of 40 Montreal start-ups chosen to pitch at the annual entrepreneurship event, La Grande Messe. Here our CEO, Guillaume Hervé, explains our software tools for industrial applications of machine learning to an audience of business leaders and journalists. Below you will find a transcript of the presentation.


Eighty-five percent — 85% of AI projects in industry do not get deployed.


Generally speaking decision-makers and business leaders don’t understand why AI can be trusted, and have no means to measure the risks or the reliability of AI solutions deployed in the real world — in your world.

This lack of trust in the AI industry is so prevalent that the term, “AI black box” has been coined to define and describe the “black magic” happening inside AI algorithms.

Hi, my name is Guillaume and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Zetane where we’ve developed the first truly transparent AI software that lets you open inside the black box and see what is going on and completely eliminate the AI-black-box problem.

Our business model is based on a simple monthly subscription and the software is available today. Our unique competitive advantage comes from the fact that we made Zetane fully transparent from the start.

How did we do that?

Well, because of our unique patented technology, which we like to call “human-understandable AI”; because to make AI human-understandable, you have to make the software visual because seeing is understanding and understanding is trusting.

With Zetane, concerned stakeholders can see and inspect the AI algorithms and understand how the data influences the software to make its recommendations.

This makes Zetane perfect for proper testing, debugging, validation and monitoring of AI solutions. And AI [practitioners] get a lot of out-of-the-box, easy-to-use tools to make their life easier.

Our team of industrial AI experts and software developers has already grown to 14 thanks to our existing clients.

So, if your AI projects have been “stuck,” or if you would like to see what explainable, understandable AI looks like, please come by the Zetane Kiosk.

Thank you very much.

See another pitch made at the tail end of 2020



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