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Zetane Accepted to Hypercroissance Québec Scale-Up Programme of Startup Montreal

Being one of 11 companies selected from over 150 applicants, Zetane will partner with Apexe Global Inc. to grow global sales.

Zetane marked a new milestone in the company’s growth yesterday with its transition from start-up to scale-up. June 2 was the launch event for the first cohort of the Hypergrowth (Hypercroissance) Québec programme from Startup Montreal and Apexe Global Inc. Out of more than 150 applicants, Zetane was one of 11 Québec companies chosen to join the programme following a competitive vetting assessment by international experts. The company will now receive coaching from leading tech-company CEOs and conduct international trade missions in order to propel the international sales of its software and services for industrial applications of AI, focusing on computer vision.

You can read the press release about the launch from the organization here in English and French:

A void in support for companies to scale with speed

Entrepreneurs around the globe face a similar challenge: while funding and government support abound for starting innovative businesses, many start-up ecosystems fall short in providing resources for start-ups to gain traction and scale their businesses into powerhouse enterprises. To date, venture capital and angel investments provide the majority of funding for scaling fledgling businesses. To mitigate this void, tech hubs in Europe and the United States began government initiatives that target start-ups ready for international growth and rapid business development. Following the visible success of these programmes, the Québec government will now offer equivalent opportunities to our business community.

Photo from the launch event: CEOs of each company that will comprise the first cohort of Hypercroissance Québec.

Zetane had the opportunity to speak with Mike Jackson at the launch event. Mike is one of the lead organisers of the scale-up programme in the United Kingdom that the Hypercroissance Québec programme aims to replicate. He said that the UK has about 120 “unicorns” at the moment and that 30% of those billion-dollar+ companies are alumni of their national hypergrowth programme. With markers of success that exceptional, it comes as no surprise why governments and entrepreneurship organisations now place greater focus on supporting a start-up’s transition to becoming a leading scale-up.

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