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Zetane Launches Online Service to Streamline the Production of Robust AI Computer Vision

Press release: Zetane Protector provides detailed analytics of a spectrum of operating conditions to identify vulnerabilities in AI computer vision data and models prior to deployment.

[Montreal, Canada; May 4, 2022] Zetane launched today at the World Summit AI — Americas the latest addition to the Montreal-headquartered company’s services for trustworthy and transparent AI solutions. To debut Zetane Protector™️, the CTO of Zetane, Patrick St-Amant, will demo the online SaaS platform on stage along with customer use cases from various industries. Focusing on machine and computer vision, Protector™️ supports the production of more robust AI solutions that function with greater precision and reliability within a broad spectrum of operating conditions. Zetane submitted a patent related to the service, which is now pending.

Core features of the service include rigorous testing of image and video datasets for vulnerabilities and deficiencies. Provided in a report replete with actionable insights, the analysis includes extensive visual assessments of the processing of data by mainstream computer vision models to further target elements requiring optimization and debugging. The company’s signature software, Zetane Viewer — also a supported visualizer of the ONNX Community — provides the visual model assessments at no extra cost. Later this month, Zetane will add the option to generate synthetic data inputs determined by the analysis required for comprehensive mitigation of vulnerabilities in computer vision solutions.

A world-first in robustness testing

Datasets used to train computer vision models often comprise images of typical and ideal operating conditions. Ideal conditions do not account for the entire operating domain of the AI solution in the real world, such that common environmental and contextual factors can cause a computer vision solution to underperform or fail dramatically. Factors that compromise robustness include dust on camera lenses, mechanical vibration, noise, fog and changes in lighting conditions, to name a few. Protector™️ will determine vulnerabilities and deficiencies of robustness in datasets for over 60 categories of compromised operating conditions.

In addition to replacing time-consuming and manual methods to improve robustness, Protector™️ will be the first commercial solution to offer the most detailed robustness assessments on the market today for both data and its processing by models. Future additions will expand the testing and validation assessments to applications beyond computer vision, such as natural language processing and solutions employing audio data.

“Today, companies looking to leverage AI to address client, supply chain, and productivity issues all face a common bottleneck. These companies want to adopt AI automation but remain unsure whether they can trust that the technology will operate under any condition once deployed in the real world. Following close consultations with our clients, we developed Protector to meet the demanding standards required for critical operations in industry. Zetane provides the means to deploy AI in critical operations with confidence. Our aim with this new service is to open new opportunities for innovation that’s in top demand during severe labour shortages and the need for streamlined supply chains by promoting automation in businesses,” said the CEO of Zetane, Guillaume Hervé.

“To solve this pressing need in industry, we developed an advanced cloud platform to automate robustness testing and enable our users to quickly evaluate and improve their solution using a visual and dynamic interface. It is with excitement that we introduce our solution to the international community at World Summit AI,” said Patrick St-Amant.

“Streamlining the development of dependable, robust computer vision solutions enables data scientists and engineers to focus on their true passion: making cutting-edge technology. Gone are the days when these professionals must devote over half of their development workflows to conducting trial-and-error assessments to ensure their innovations are ready for the real world,” added Mr. St-Amant.

About Zetane

Zetane (zetane.com) provides the software and services required to de-risk and trust AI innovations used in industry through automated testing, validation, improved robustness and performance prior to deployment. Rather than work with abstract computer code, our software and services provide detailed interactive reports and visual representations of AI solutions to bridge the gap between AI experts and industry experts in order to support safety tests, debugging, optimization and monitoring of AI. AI experts gain access to many easy-to-use features that save time and eliminate guesswork, and domain experts without expertise in AI can contribute and conduct needed performance and safety audits. The Zetane Viewer is an official visualization software tool for the ONNX.ai Community of the Linux Foundation, available free to download at zetane.com/gallery. Zetane Protector for producing robust computer vision solutions will launch in May 2022. Follow @ZetaneSystems for updates.

Press contact

For media inquiries, contact:
Dr Jason Behrmann
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