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Zetane Systems Wins GRANT+ Competition from Montreal Inc.

Press release: The grant will go towards promoting the international distribution of software tools for machine learning.

[Montréal, Canada; January 19, 2021] The international distribution of new software tools for industrial applications of machine learning will receive a boost thanks to Zetane Systems being awarded a grant from the Fondation Montréal Inc. The software technology company specializing in artificial intelligence announced today being one of 36 Montréal start-ups determined to be the most innovative applicants in this year’s GRANT+ competition. The company’s submission hinged on three main factors: 1) its recent commercialization of the Zetane Engine, a software platform for professionals implementing deep learning models in industry; 2) its recent growth in customers within the Montreal region from sectors that include defense, transport and aerospace; and 3) the company’s collaboration with leading technology companies and open-source organizations to promote industrial standards for machine learning algorithms.

Recipients of the award receive a $10 000 grant with the possibility of doubling that amount once the company demonstrates achieving business goals with the initial tranche of funding. Zetane will use the funds to expand its digital marketing campaigns so they include new foreign markets.

Fondation Montréal Inc. is a leading corporate philanthropic organization promoting entrepreneurship in the city. In addition to funding, the organization will provide Zetane with services and resources in the form of mentorship, promotional opportunities and connections to influential members of the business community. The company has its sights set on using these resources to raise the company’s brand awareness as a leading player in Montreal’s burgeoning artificial intelligence sector.

Upon receiving the grant, the CEO and co-founder of Zetane, Guillaume Hervé, stated, “receiving this award further cements our commitment to promoting innovation within Montreal’s AI ecosystem so we can do our part to ensure the lasting prosperity and economic development for the city we call home. We are very grateful to Fondation Montréal Inc. and its community of supporters for taking notice of Zetane’s strong team and its unique software solutions.”

About Zetane Systems

Zetane Systems is a software technology company specializing in artificial intelligence. Our proprietary software easily integrates into existing AI platforms and provides a visual, intuitive workspace for building technology products in the AI subdomains of machine learning; the Zetane Engine provides a digital workspace to produce AI innovations; the Viewer facilitates the display, inspection and sharing of datasets and machine learning models. Zetane aims to make AI development more accessible and promote the technology industry’s abilities to explain the inner workings of AI innovations. We do this by making AI more available to diverse professionals and industry verticals through our easy-to-learn-and-use software that complements and works with current popular AI development tools.

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