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Zetane Viewer for Transparency in Artificial Intelligence Becomes Official Visualization Software Tool of the ONNX Community

Press release: Setting the highest mark for the most detailed visuals of popular machine learning models opens new means to understand and audit AI technology.

[Montreal, Canada; May 6, 2021] The future of artificial intelligence (AI) technology will be more transparent by virtue of new visualization software for popular machine learning models used in industry and research. Today marks the official announcement by the Montreal AI-software company, Zetane Systems, that its most recent software tool, The Zetane Viewer, acquired the certification as an official software tool of the ONNX Community. Being a branch of the Linux Foundation that promotes open-source software innovations, the Open Neural Network eXchange (ONNX) community establishes global standards in machine learning algorithms and supports software tools that promote open innovation and collaboration in the AI sector. This latest addition to the ONNX software toolbox by Zetane provides visuals with unprecedented detail of all components of machine learning models used in applications like computer vision. Such detailed visualizations of the internal workings of complex algorithms are unique to the Viewer and thus benchmarks the highest level of transparency available to professionals in the AI sector. In line with the open-access philosophy of the ONNX community, the fellow community member Zetane will continue to provide the software free to download at its company website and GitHub.

“The recognition we received by this prominent organization marks a significant step forward for more trustworthy AI and opens new possibilities to use it in safety-critical applications. There are no other current tools available that provide this much transparency and detailed visuals of models and their interaction with data. We welcome anyone to join us in our exploration of this unchartered world in computer science,” said the CEO and co-founder of Zetane, Guillaume Hervé.

United in promoting transparency in AI

A diversity of AI products are coming to market at unprecedented speed. Lagging behind are methods to better understand and explain the internal workings of such complex software commonly referred to as “black-box algorithms”, which limits the use of AI in situations where securing trust in the technology is essential. To pass this bottleneck in technology adoption requires greater transparency, being a primary feature of patented software products by Zetane that provide an intuitive and visual workspace for industrial applications of machine learning. The company focuses first on promoting transparency of the collection of machine learning models on offer from the ONNX community, known as the ONNX Model Zoo. Given that the ONNX Community and users of its software tools include most prominent technology companies — Facebook, IBM and Amazon, for instance — providing the visualization software here aims to rapidly disseminate new capacities to inspect and audit emerging AI products to global leaders in the field.

A collection of sample images of popular models displayed in the Zetane Viewer. Model architecture, processed data inputs and detailed metrics for all components of an artificial neural network are apparent.

About Zetane Systems

Headquartered in Montreal, Zetane provides the software and services required to trust, test and de-risk AI projects in industry prior to and during deployment. Whether developed by a company’s in-house experts or Zetane’s team of data scientists, building unique AI solution using our proprietary Zetane Engine software and patented technology is ideal for real-world applications of machine learning, especially when risk and safety are important considerations. The Zetane Viewer is an official visualization software tool for the ONNX.ai Community of the Linux Foundation, available free to download at zetane.com/gallery. Follow @ZetaneSystems for updates.



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