Kristen Ostro

We’re very pleased to welcome Kristen Ostro to the team at Zetta as our Director of Operations.

Kristen is among those in the world most experienced at running a venture capital fund, from helping portfolio companies connect to each other and the world, to fostering relationships within the venture capital industry, to managing investor teams as they go through their process of researching companies.

Kristen learned the craft of running a venture capital fund at the biggest of all such funds: NEA. She then got one of the best seed funds off the ground: Homebrew. Her expertise was in such demand that she decided to start a consulting firm serving smaller seed funds. We met to seek her counsel on some elements of running Zetta and the relationship grew from there, to the point where she has decided to work exclusively with us.

Kristen’s operational expertise will dramatically increase the chances of our portfolio companies’ success and lead us to form many new partnerships with world-class entrepreneurs. Please feel free to directly contact her: