The Fourth Era of Computing

Intelligence is the fourth era of computing. The first era was the production of semiconductors that enabled us to quickly compute. The second era was the development of software to process our real-world workflows on these semiconductors. The third era was the distribution of computing to significantly reduce costs and allow the development of new types of software.

The fourth era is the computation of huge volumes — zettabytes — of data on distributed systems and the development of software that can learn from this data. Just as all real-world workflows became software, all software will become intelligent. Computers will have cognition; machines will have intelligence.

Everything will change in the intelligence era. Traditional I.T. infrastructure will change to enable the development of self-learning software. Previously data-starved markets — from agriculture to sales — will benefit from the information generated by self-learning software. Businesses that develop self-learning software will generate durable assets in the form of proprietary data and algorithms.

Zetta strives to be the partner that best understands these new business models, markets and infrastructure through a constant focus on intelligence.