Win on Quality

The low end doesn’t grow bigger, it disappears. Quality in all things product is key to maintaining appeal in an ultra-competitive environment.

Software development today incorporates a multitude of services, libraries and APIs that allow us to make software at a faster rate than ever, on every platform at once. However, this combination of complex dependencies, accelerated development schedules and multi-platform releases makes avoiding defects extremely hard.

Providing good test coverage that surfaces every last defect before going live is slow and expensive. Developers spend a lot of their valuable time creating tests. Most automation efforts quickly turn into basic upkeep of current tests, with little additional coverage. Such approaches only validate the specific elements already chosen for validation — nothing more — and may thus ‘pass’ new code despite bugs. So, we typically rely on humans testers to follow checklists written by product managers. This is unsatisfactory as humans miss items on the checklists, can’t think of all possible permutations and are expensive.

Appdiff revolutionizes software testing using intelligent bots. These bots learn to identify defects over thousands of examples in thousands of other apps, on every possible platform and operating system. The bots continuously crawl through your applications to test for broken buttons, input fields, pages and flows. This fully-automated, human-like testing can keep up with your release cycles and scale with you. Your only limitation to releasing high quality products is the speed at which you can develop them. Testers are liberated to do creative, less mundane tasks — areas where humans excel.

Quality is also about performance. Appdiff’s bots measure load time and other performance changes between versions. Further, they can show you how you compare to your competitors. Why aren’t you converting many customers from your content marketing? Because your subscription page is slow. Is your basket abandon rate higher or lower than your competitors? Why? Because your currency selector broke in the June release.

Zetta partners with companies building software that learns from data to analyze, predict and prescribe outcomes. Appdiff analyzes your app’s performance, predicts where it may break and prescribes ways to fix it. Zetta believes that the the source of competitive advantage in all information technology is shifting from code to code + data. Appdiff collects test and performance data across thousands of apps, learning about typical defects across apps so that their product helps customers make better decisions than they would in isolation. They’re bringing the software testing world into the intelligence era, and we’re looking forward to working for them.



Zetta invests in intelligent enterprise software. We partner with companies building software that learns from data to analyze, predict and prescribe outcomes.

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