Intelligent Blockchain Zeus Protocol Partners with Symphony Protocol, a Platform that Empowers a Data-Driven Economy

Paul Almasi
Aug 3, 2018 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce a formal partnership with Symphony Protocol!

As businesses navigate the current digital landscape, big data and analytics play a key role in organizational success. The amount of data the world is now creating is astonishing, and as a result, analytics has become increasingly more important in providing context to this data.

With modern day internet transforming the way we share data globally, blockchain technology will now transform the way we store this information. We see this phenomenon in the rise of Bitcoin and other smart contract enabled blockchains. As new users participate on these blockchains, their network value and public data continues to grow. Zeus Protocol has taken the initiative in providing the first solution for a deeper understanding of this publicly available data on the Ethereum blockchain.

Zeus Protocol’s first product, ZeusID, is the first of its kind solution that has utilized machine learning to analyze blockchain data. Through this analysis, we have identified on-chain identity and reputation analytics as essential components to understanding the data on the blockchain. ZeusID provides a much needed solution with a universal application across the current ecosystem. We intend to be the gateway of understanding into the Ethereum blockchain.

“Symphony Protocol & Zeus Protocol are both leveraging on the blockchain to enable new forms of data collection and analysis. The partnership will allow for the linkage of on-chain data from Ethereum to off-chain data provided by Symphony. We will focus our initial efforts on campaign analytics for Symphony’s token sale campaign, and look forward to being able to share insights with our community.” — Eleanor Jones, Cofounder of Symphony Protocol

Our most recent partnership with Symphony Protocol will allow us to bridge off-chain data with our on-chain analytics. This alliance will allow our organizations to create a unique solution that will be essential to conducting modern business. In the world of encryption, Zeus Protocol provides a lens of clarity and understanding.

We are excited for a long collaboration between our projects. Both teams see the incredible value in big data and are committed to providing a thorough understanding behind each user.

Stay tuned for more updates!


ZEUS Protocol:




Symphony Protocol:




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