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Zeus Swap Testnet User Guide

Zeus Swap is a concentrated liquidity protocol built on Metis blockchain that is characterised by maximising the utilisation of capital with higher market depth and lower price slippage.

Today we are proud to officially launch Zeus Swap on Metis Testnet. This is a quick guide for community to walk around the dApp and get accustomed to the main features that we will be rolling out on the Mainnet.

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Let us first introduce Zeus Swap. The user interaction is relatively simple and straightforward. similar to what you might have seen before.

Zeus swap supports a number of wallets including Metamask and Coinbase, so once your wallet of choice is connected you can select the tokens from the dropdown menu on the right side of the swap box.

You can set your slippage tolerance for the trade, 1% is the default setting for Zeus swap

Once you submit the order and get approved, the transaction should be confirmed quickly.

Adding / Removing Liquidity

There are currently 6 pools available on Zeus Swap Testnet

To add liquidity to any of these pools — select a pool with preferred trading pair (e.g. USDT-USDC)

Set the price range to Add Liquidity. Currently, we will use the liquidity pool of USDT-USDC as an example to show, more liquidity pools will be updated and released as we go.

The fee tier defaults at 0.3%, however, the rate of 0.04% is best for stablecoin trading pairs. We also suggest our users choose a reasonable price range by themselves to maximize their capital efficiency, within which they might experience the most concentrated liquidity and the best depth according to the market.

A pop-up window will appear for you to review the details of the transaction, including the liquidity amount and the selected price range. If you are happy with the terms, click on the “Supply” button to finalise the transaction.

Your position will appear under ‘My Pools’ in the Earn section where you can remove your liquidity or increase the amount.

About Zeus Swap⚡️

Zeus is a liquidity protocol built on Metis blockchain. It focuses on delivering a better trading experience and upgraded capital efficiency to DeFi users through the process of building its concentrated liquidity protocol and a series of affiliate functional modules on Metis L2 Blockchain.

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Zeus Swap, the first Metis-based DEX to offer concentrated liquidity and help LPs maximize capital efficiency!

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