Promo Bounty: Participate in our 1.25 million ZUC bounty

Check it out quick as this bounty will only last until the end of December

We have launched a gigantic bounty which will reward those who participate. Help promote Zeux across a range of channels and the more you do, the higher number of Zeux Tokens you will receive! Read the full details here on BitCoinTalk.

This bounty program has 1.25 million Zeux tokens available. The bounty will be divided into the following:

  1. Telegram Campaign: 20% of total bounty
  2. Twitter Campaign: 20% of total bounty
  3. Youtube Campaign: 10% of total bounty
  4. Facebook Campaign: 5% of total bounty
  5. Reddit Campaign: 15% of total bounty
  6. Translation Campaign : 3% of total bounty
  7. Signature Campaign: 7% of total bounty
  8. Media/Blog Articles Campaign: 20% of total bounty

Check out the full details here on BitCoinTalk

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