Zeux adds Ontology to its listing — another step towards bringing crypto to the masses

Tim M
Tim M
Jun 25, 2019 · 2 min read

Singapore, (25 June, 2019) — Zeux, the London-based FinTech company that allows users to convert their cryptocurrency and pay in just one click, has just announced that it will list Ontology to its digital wallet. Ontology holders (“ONT”) can therefore now use their tokens in all stores that accept Apple and Samsung Pay.

Zeux has a vision to bring crypto to everyday life. It charges no fees for payments, crypto conversion and transfers. With this partnership, ONT token holders will see blockchain become even more a part of the mainstream and they’ll also be able to explore what else Zeux has to offer — a simpler way to pay, bank and invest in one place — the Zeux app.

The Ontology blockchain connects blockchain and the business world. This means businesses can use the technology smoothly and enjoy all the benefits without extensive knowledge of how it works. Partnerships, like this one with Zeux, bring crypto to the masses — business, governments and all those who run them — by enabling people to use it as part of their everyday purchases.

Commenting on the new partnership, Li Jun, Founder of ONTology, said: “as we strive towards being that trust layer, so businesses and governments can participate in the new smart economy, we also need to think about trust and adoption of the masses — if blockchain is to be the future. This new accessibility for ONT holders will drive adoption and uptake, something I passionately support”.

Adding to this, CEO and Founder of Zeux, Frank Zhou said: “we’re proud to be partnering with a company with reputable cryptocurrency leaders, relatively long-term presence in the industry and an already established history of success. As Zeux aims to bring crypto to everyday life, Ontology aims to bring forward a blockchain automation of trust. As Jun mentions, to do this we need to think about the masses — and this is where I see our partnership flourishing”.

More about Zeux

Zeux is currently live in the UK and will be available in Europe later this year and the rest of the world in 2020. Zeux is available to download from the App Store and Play Store, sign up for your invitation code here.

Zeux completed the presale of their token ZeuxCoin (ZUC) at the end of May, which raised 5000 ETH in less than 2 full days which gives its holders, cashback on crypto payments and reduced investment transaction fees. Their last stage of token sale will be live on Latoken for the last 382 ETH from 28 June 2019.

More about Ontology


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