Zeux brings Bitcoin SV (BSV) to the masses

Tim M
Tim M
Mar 7, 2019 · 3 min read

Using Zeux’s instant crypto payment, BSV customers can spend anywhere that accepts Apple Pay or Samsung Pay

Today we’re delighted to share that Zeux, the FinTech which seeks to integrate several key financial services including payments, banking and investment into one app, have added Bitcoin SV (BSV) to their payment portfolio, to allow users to spend BSV directly at all POS machines.

This is fantastic news for our holders who can now spend their BSV with thousands of merchants who currently only accept fiat payments. We’re excited to partner with Zeux and look forward to collaborating as we continue to scale our business.

Zeux is a world-first. Pioneering an integration of all financial services for its users, users now can see and manage everything in one single app. Aggregated mobile payments, transfers and banking means no more jumping from service to service, app to app; Zeux puts everything conveniently into one place. It will also have an in-built investment platform and a foreign exchange function. Zeux charges no fees for account opening, money transfers, top up or crypto payment commissions.

Calvin Ayre, Founder of Ayre Group and CoinGeek.com mining and media, the key supporter of BSV being the original Bitcoin, commented:

“It is becoming increasingly clear from proof rather than talk that BSV is the only scalable coin out there, it is key to show the tangible utility of BSV. Being on-boarded by Zeux adds a very important layer for BSV as it can now be used to pay in people’s daily lives. It is a pivotal moment for mass adoption of crypto currencies. Very exciting times.”

Jimmy Nguyen, the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association says:

Bitcoin is supposed to be genuine digital money and Zeux’s forward thinking platform makes this an immediate reality. BSV has shown recently with a 100MB mined block that it can properly scale and now it is showing utility as well. Scalability and use are the most important factors is demonstrating how Bitcoin, by which I mean BSV, can become a global, low-transaction fee, digital currency.”

Frank Zhou, CEO & Founder of Zeux, added:

We’re delighted to add BSV to our payment portfolio. As one of the biggest cryptocurrencies this represents a big step forward to Zeux becoming the world’s first crypto mobile payment and investment app. I believe that, together, we can provide our customers with more personal financial freedom by combing the Fiat and Crypto worlds.”

More about Zeux

The company is FCA authorised, and will launch the multi-function app in April where it will become available in Europe. By 2020, the company hopes to launch its product world-wide.

The company has also introduced the ZeuxCoin Token (ZUC), a loyalty holding token for cashback on all crypto purchases and a payment fee token for all the commissions paid by financial product providers. Zeux will launch the multi-function app in April where it will become available in Europe. The pre-sale of ZeuxCoin (ZUC) will take place from April and will be available on COBINHOOD’s coin offering platform.


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