Zeux: Meet our Advisory Team

Last month, we invited you to ‘Meet the Team’ and understand a little bit more about who is behind Zeux, our background and expertise.
Being a start-up, we move at pace. While we’re busy on roadshows and taking Zeux to the wider world, we’re lucky enough to have a team of Advisors, a set of six C-suite people with significant and diversified experience in their industries, to help us keep on track. 
Today, we put the spotlight on our Advisory Team and share what excites them the most about working with Zeux and what they’re most looking forward to as we launch early next year.

So, here we introduce:

Nick Ayton

Nick Ayton is a ranked top 5 FinTech influencer and global thought-leader in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and tokenomics and globally recognised in decentralised business management. He has over 40 years of experience in the technology sector, having held senior positions at Siemens, CapGemini and CSC and worked with more than a dozen start-ups. Wow.

Given Nick’s background and expertise, his council is of huge value for the Zeux team — we leverage secure, decentralized, distributed blockchain technology and introduce our own crypto token. Nick’s council will be of even more value as we continue to officially launch our operations in Europe early next year.

When asked about the value Zeux brings to the industry, Nick said: “Zeux adds a layer of simplicity to the fragmented financial services sector bridging traditional worlds and linking to the new emerging crypto currency capita markets. Offering access to alternate investment products through secure and integrated payment options Zeux is well positioned to capture significant market share from an audience that is currently not looked after.”

“Zeux breaks new ground delivering a secure integrated payment environment offering easy access and opportunities to invest in alternate crypto based investment products using both fiat and crypto currencies.”

Ian Maddison

Like Nick, Ian Maddison is also a Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency veteran with 40 years of experience supporting TDE projects within EBA (European Blockchain Association), including Bitgame, Neurochain, Gimmer, Xtrade, Coti, TPP and Cashaa. Ian has also led senior positions at Vodafone, Saudi Royal Family and American Express.

Zeux will become the world’s first integrated crypto products/funds investment platform. This what excited Ian the most about Zeux and why he decided to work with us: “Being able to spend crypto in everyday life via NFC payment and the ability for retail investors to get into crypto funds — it really is exciting times for the market.” We continue to seek Ian’s advice on all blockchain and crypto related matters.

David Parker

David Parker is the founder and CEO of Polymath Consulting, renowned in the payments industry, and another one of our C-suite advisors. As a consultant he has experience right across the value chain helping banks with their electronic payments strategy along with brands looking to enter market. Equally important he is both an investor and advisor/NED to a number of other well known Fitnech startup such as Curve, Trezzeo and Cybertonica and is also the co-founder of RegTech firm Konsentus.

Given his experience supporting both disruptors and big institutions, and the fact that payments will no longer remain isolated from other financial activities, David’s council is really valuable to Zeux. His advice focuses primarily on partnerships within agency banking and he’s connected us to a wide range of renowned partners such as EMI’s, card issuers and card acquiring services.

Talking about the future of payments and the integrated solution Zeux offers, David said: “The financial services world is changing fasting than ever, in ten years after PayPal launched, it was operating in 190 countries and had 60 million users, for Amazon it was nearing 70 million users. New financial services companies will achieve the same growth in even less time, Zeux will be one of these.”

Andrew Dawson

Andrew Dawson is the CEO of Dawson Global [link]. Andrew has spent c.20 years working in strategic consulting; holding a variety of leadership roles and engaging with businesses around the world.

The breadth and depth of Andrew’s experience is huge; with experience in strategy, operations and technology to name just a few areas. He also has deep experience and connections across the financial services industry, providing a great opportunity for Zeux to network with other key players and like-minded thinkers.

Andrew sees a key achievement of his career to date as setting up his own business: ‘It was an intimidating move, but it has been hugely rewarding; allowing me the freedom to make a real difference and at the same time teaching me a number of practical lessons, many of which I hope will be of value to Zeux as it grows’… Great for us, right?

The thing Andrew enjoys most about working with Zeux: ‘the opportunity to play even a small part in bringing such a game-changing idea to life and, of course, the energy and credibility of its team’.

Alex Dube

Alexandre Dubé is the Head of Financial Markets Trading at Total SA, with 16 years of financial services experience, having previously held various roles at Lloyds Banking Group and the National Bank of Canada.

He has a demonstrated expertise managing the risk of different assets classes including Interest Rates and FX derivatives, within developed countries, but also within several Emerging Markets and is an active member of the European Central Bank FX Contact Group.

Alex is part of Zeux’s Advisory team and his industry and products insights will be a huge benefit to Zeux as we complete our mission to transform existing financial services.