Zeux partners with COBINHOOD

We’ve partnered with COBINHOOD, the zero fee crypto trading platform, for the launch of our initial coin offering (ICO), ZeuxCoin (ZUC). 
Last month we shared how Zeux, the world’s first crypto-mobile payment and investment app, will transform existing financial services by making complex, expensive and tedious financial management processes simple and convenient. Today, we share how our partnership with COBINHOOD will help us accelerate this transformation as we prepare for our official launch in early 2019. 
The partnership will mean Zeuxcoin holders will enjoy the liquidity and demand brought by the COBINHOOD Exchange. Zeuxcoin will, in turn, be made available and further propagate from COBINHOOD’s 500k user base. 
Talking about their partnership, Zeux’s founder, Frank Zhou said: “The Zeux team is very excited to work with COBINHOOD to deliver a world-class token sale process this month. As one of the top exchanges in Asia, COBINHOOD’s wide network and close connections with investors gives us a lot of confidence in our token sale process. Being listed on COBINHOOD Exchange is definitely a welcomed benefit that our token buyers are looking for. Zeux strongly supports COBINHOOD in its zero trading fee exchange model and looks forward to a successful engagement with their team as it continues to push the cryptocurrency industry forward”

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