A postCOVID, tech-enabled Architecture and Interior Design startup. (https://linktr.ee/zeyka)

Sustainable procedures are essential. They provide solutions that support and enhance the quality of products and services.

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  • to hire more people to do the same work,
  • on infrastructure and material costs associated with them,
  • on any eventual damage,
  • on any errors associated with each…

Design thinking is an elaborate process that is incomplete without prototyping and testing. Prototyping aids in crafting an optimal design solution for the problem.

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We have reached a stage where architects are only able to gather one percent of the total options accessible in the market.

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Coming to our final article of this series, let me start this article with the most loved conversation between Cristopher Alexander and Peter Eisenman.

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Imagine introducing the concept of an ebook to someone who has never used one and has always read a book in the physical format. So how will you explain how an ebook is to be read and navigated to a newbie user?

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“There are fashions in buildings. Behind the fashions lie economic and technological reasons, and these fashions exclude all but a few genuinely different possibilities in city dwelling construction at any one time.” — Jane Jacobs

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As per a McKinsey analysis, roughly 51 million workers are employed in construction-related jobs in India. After the farming sector, this industry employs the most people.

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A postCOVID, tech-enabled Architecture and Interior Design startup. (https://linktr.ee/zeyka)

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