Photo by Andrew Neel

3 Ways To Improve Your Concentration

I’m not going to lie, but I used to have a lot of problems with concentration. But I’m not perfect and when the crisis strikes I use this three simple ways to improve my focus. Before I jump into, I need to tell you that those methods are not some average bullshit and they do work for me just fine! That doesn’t mean those are the only ways to improve your concentration. All of the methods in this article does improve my concentration, but that doesn’t mean they will work the same way for you.

For most of those methods, I’m using a smartphone since it’s more convincing than for example a watch or a paper and pen but all of the methods below can be modified and changed to your personal needs.

Start using To Do app!

Just as I said above, this doesn’t mean that you need to use your smartphone since you can write the tasks down on a piece of paper. The smartphone is more convincing but not needed!

I use To Do by Microsoft. I liked it since it’s free and synced across all devices (smartphone and computer). During the week, when I have school, I write my tasks down after I finish school. On the way home I usually think and write down about all of the important things that I want to achieve until the end of the day. For me it’s important to add more small tasks since that allows me to feel better, let me explain. If I put down three tasks complex tasks to finish until the end of the day, I will struggle since there’s not going to be enough moments of satisfaction. That will decrease my concentration and motivation which will lead to not finishing my tasks.

Even if I first add some complex tasks I usually tear them down to smaller tasks. That allows me to complete more tasks,l when I achieve something I get thrilled and motivated. More small jobs allow me to up my motivation flow which also leads to better concentration.

Since I exactly know what job I currently work on and what I need to do next, it’s tough to break my work flow. And not breaking your working flow is important! The start is the hardest in my opinion, and that’s why I start my work flow by preparing the tasks.

When you are emotional, forget about work…

Well, I don’t know about you, but if you work in a group or alone, your emotions and thoughts can be unproductive. Even good emotions can set you off so I would recommend to stop overthinking and start doing. In my opinion, it’s better to wait for that feeling; you are currently experiencing, goes away. The best way to this is to find the cause of the emotion. For example, you can get very excited because you just receive the new case for your phone. At that moment you are pleased and can’t wait to put that new case on your phone. Since you are full of emotions, it’s going to be hard to be productive. Even if you try, you may just end using your phone with your new case. When you have a lot of emotions to deal with, I would recommend you to wait. Since your concentration is going to be off, you probably won’t be as productive. Just spend some time with your new phone case until your emotions calm down. After you feel like you can start working again and you don’t think about your phone case all the time, that’s the right time to start your working on your tasks!

Reward yourself!

For this one, you need to be very disciplined. If you think you are not ready for this one, just keep working hard and return later, once you think you have better work habits.

As I already mentioned you need to be very disciplined and concentrated for this next step. Rewarding yourself after work can affect you good, but there’s a catch. If you don’t have good enough concentration and discipline you might reward yourself even when you didn’t complete all the tasks for the day. That can be bad since it can deconcentrate you on the next work flow. It can also mean that you won’t complete the task right enough, just because you want to move on and finally reward yourself. It can also mean that next time you may set fewer tasks than you should, just to get them done faster. As I said, no reward if you don’t finish all of the tasks the best way possible!

What are the best rewards? Well, it should be something you can do every day. For me, that’s usually some relaxing movie or listening to calm music. The reward should be something you would like to do for the whole day (but you can’t). I might also recommend putting an eye on your hobbies or something you like doing. Spending your time with a family or friends is never a bad choice.


Stop thinking so closed minded and stop living for the weekends. I can’t wait for Monday to happen! The right mentality can improve your life style and change the way you look at things. When it’s raining outside, don’t be sad, do some work but when it’s sunny outside, be grateful for sun light shining on your books and papers!