BAMP: Secure Fund Administration

Last week we wrote about the great new features of the Zichain’s Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP). Now the platform runs on any device and boasts simplified MVP testing and fund managers’ registration.

Today you’ll learn more about the reasons for launching the platform, its users and the opportunities it provides. What’s more, you’ll find out why BAMP is a breakthrough in fund administration.

The urge to create BAMP

The majority of existing cryptocurrency fund managing platforms cannot ensure the security of investors’ funds and fail to make the relations between investors and fund managers 100% transparent.

Zichain was determined to address these challenges of the largely unregulated cryptocurrency market and created BAMP — an asset management platform that provides all the necessary infrastructure, which maintains universally accepted standards of safety and transparency in the industry.

BAMP users

There are two types of the platform users: investors and fund (asset) managers.

Opportunities for investors

  • View all available fund strategies and choose the most suitable ones.
  • Track real-time performance of the chosen strategies, including NAV, returns, fees and risk measures.
  • Get the information about where your funds can be currently found (exchange/asset storage) and the full history of deals and transactions.
  • Take part in special events, such as hard forks, airdrops, or dividend distributions.
  • Automatically receive profits on total investments as defined in the investment policy statement.

Opportunities for fund managers

  • Create an investment strategy with fixed parameters: strategy name and description, token name (ticker), type, counterparty risk, fees, hurdle rate, subscription and redemption periods, and minimum investment.
  • Automatically get sub-accounts on all supported exchanges to transfer funds from the asset storage for the purposes of active trading or rebalancing.
  • Receive automated portfolio management with built-in professional trading tools to ensure minimal slippage.
  • Track fund activity: assets under management, number of investors, fund performance, fees charged, transaction and trade history.
  • Automated fee calculation. The platform immediately charges entry or exit fees once they are applied. It also allocates a part of the annual management and performance fees on a daily basis.


Our goal is in no way minor. We want BAMP to become one of the largest platforms in terms of assets under administration. What’s more, we strive to be the most convenient and secure platform in the cryptocurrency industry. What exactly makes it a great platform?

Broad target audience. It includes startup funds, hedge funds, asset managers as well as small- and medium-sized banks.

One platform — multiple opportunities for crypto trading. BAMP allows fund managers to trade on most exchanges through a single terminal. Moreover, it works as a PaaS (Platform as a Service), so both investors and fund managers can use the entire platform or any service independently.

Decentralized nature. Neither BAMP nor fund managers have direct access to investors’ money. The access is distributed between all the three parties involved, and BAMP acts only as the automated trustee. There isn’t a possibility of theft or a fund manager’s misconduct on the platform. Thus, the platform ensures security of funds and transparent portfolio management.

BAMP is the Zichain’s main technological solution that we are set to keep improving. That’s why we strongly need feedback from our BAMP users. If you have any suggestions on how to make the platform more convenient, secure and reliable — feel free to contact us via any social media channels — Telegram (channel/chat), Facebook and Twitter.