Last Monday’s day, Zichain CEO Khachatur Gukasyan went on air to talk to Zichain’s Telegram community and answer their questions. There’s been a lot of traction, so the audiences came up with a ton of great questions about Zichain’s products and plans. Read on to find out what Khachatur had to tell.

What is the goal of your project? How do you see it in the future?

Our goal to open up the financial industry for every talented person and to provide simple, safe and reliable infrastructure solutions. We aim at becoming the one and only counterparty for retail and institutional investors doing business and digital finance.

You are building a great infrastructure. What are your advantages compared to the competition, especially huge exchanges?

Zichange is a crypto-fiat gateway that works in partnership with different exchanges. We are not going to compete with the well-known exchanges, we are going to cooperate with them.

What about the liquidity? How are you planning to attract volumes in the first few months?

To achieve success as a business, you need at least two things: a product and clients. We have licensed products and we have partners that are going to use them to provide crypto-fiat gateways for their clients. More partnerships are coming soon.

Hi, I have kind of a philosophic question to you, Khachatur. What was the reason for you to dive into cryptos?

Hi! Crypto is the place where the one can maximize their professional ambitions. We started with developing BAMP (blockchain asset management platform), the turnkey solution for fund managers where the only requirement for success is talent.

Ok, I see, but are you going to extend this platform in the future to cover traditional assets, or will it be just a crypto-fiat broker?

BAMP, which is now available as MVP, only aims at digital assets. We believe tokenization as the new black — it will bring enough “classic assets” to the digital world.

Thank you. Are you planning to issue some kind of a plastic card for withdrawing profit from your trading platform?

Our trading platform will be integrated with a crypto-fiat gateway, which, in its turn, supports bank transfers and credit/debit cards.

I’ve seen that you have already launched BAMP Alpha. The website tells that one can get access to several trading places. I wonder whether I can use one account for this or I need to create one for each platform?

BAMP works as a platform as a service, which means you can use the entire platform or any part of it independently.

How is the sale in the first 2 phases going, are you expecting cap?

During the first stage, we achieved our soft cap, the second stage is still going. We’ll make a detailed official disclosure on the results next week.

Does BAMP work as a broker? Or it just gives access to other exchanges?

Is the investor wants to invest in fiat, they can use our crypto-fiat gateway for that.

You have funds and indices. What is the difference between them?

Index is just a calculated value. We created them last year to make it easier for “newcomers” to navigate in the world of crypto. Index funds are an ordinary investment vehicle where one can get exposure to chosen markets/strategies.

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