Q&A session with Danil Yakovlev

Q&A session with Danil Yakovlev

BAMP, Trading Terminal, future collaborations and the Zichain team’s trading experience. All these and many more questions were covered in the latest Q&A session with Danil Yakovlev, our Trading Infrastructure Manager. Here are the highlights.

What is the current status of BAMP?

We have a running MVP at the moment. If you want to try it, please follow the link on our website.

Do you have a bounty campaign or an airdrop?

We don’t have a bounty campaign or an airdrop and don’t plan to set them up in the near future.

What is the most important feature of BAMP?

BAMP introduces the safest way to manage a fund in the cryptocurrency industry.

How does it work?

Our platform minimizes counterparty risks using a blockchain-based infrastructure that maintains trustworthy relations between an investor and an asset manager. The storage of assets is decentralized, and every action of a fund manager is supervised and verified by the platform.

Why is BAMP better than other platforms?

The unique advantage of BAMP is that our platform is actually decentralized. Neither BAMP nor fund managers have access to investors’ money. The access is distributed between all the three parties, and BAMP acts only as an automated trustee, so there is no possibility of theft or a fund manager’s misconduct on the platform.

Is there any discounts for >$1,100,000 investment?

The Private Sale Round 3 is in progress at the moment, so you can get a 15% bonus on your investments.

Explain please how the Trading Terminal work.

Our Trading Terminal aggregates major cryptocurrency exchanges in one place, so you don’t need to log in all of your numerous accounts and constantly keep switching between them.

Additionally, the terminal includes a suite of professional trading tools: smart orders, execution algorithms and automated portfolio management. With our trading terminal, you can trade on several exchanges at once and, what’s more, implement non-trivial trading strategies, execute large orders (>10–100 BTC), and build a portfolio with any number of cryptocurrencies in one click.

What is the minimum trading amount?

There are no restrictions on the minimum balance or trading volume. However, to make the most of our trading terminal you may want to have at least 1 BTC available for trading.

Is KYC required?

KYC is not required since the Trading Terminal doesn’t keep your cryptocurrencies or accepts any investments.

Do you have any restrictions for any countries to use the platform?

There are no restrictions for the countries as well. If you have an account on any cryptocurrency exchange supported by our terminal, then you’re welcome.

Is your ICO smart contract security already audited?

Yes, the smart contract for Zitoken (ZCN) has been audited by Ambisafe.

Can you guarantee security?

Certainly, security is achieved by decentralizing the access to investors’ funds. Basically, it’s the blockchain that guarantees the security of your investments. Every fund on the platform operates under multisig to make a theft or a hacker attack impossible.

What is the main goal of your Trading Terminal?

To give our clients convenient and professional trading tools which can help them manage their assets across all major exchanges via a single dashboard.

Is the alpha already up and running?

Yeah, we have a working MVP, and further development is in progress.

So what are the advantages of it? Give me the reasons why I should use it.

Our trading terminal can help you increase your trading performance by executing orders at better prices. Plus you can access higher liquidity — our advanced execution algorithms reduce market impact and trade at optimal price levels. Also, you can save your time by using our automated portfolio construction.

Is the MVP open for testers?

Yes, the MVP is open for public testing. You can find the link on our website.

Can you briefly describe the functionality, please?

There are two main sections in the terminal: Trading and Execution. The first provides the trading functionality: quotes, books, trades, balances, and smart orders. The second is intended for portfolio management and allows you to create a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and purchase or liquidate all coins in the portfolio at once.

Nice solution. Do you have plans to cooperate with any crypto-fiat exchanges?

Yes, we have plans for cooperation. First and foremost, we’d like to get a dedicated API access and an opportunity to open as many sub-accounts as we need.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment is 1 ETH during this round.

Have you prepared any development plans or strategies?

Yes, for sure! The backbone of the Zichain’s development strategy can be found in our roadmap. Currently, we’re keeping a good pace, milestone by milestone. Stay tuned and don’t miss the launches of our products!

Where can I find your white paper? I want to learn more about your project.

The white paper can be found on our website in the Documents section.

Who are the founders of Zichain?

Zichain team includes seasoned industry professionals who collectively have 100+ years of experience in Finance, Banking, and IT.

Sounds good! Do you have direct experience in trading?

Of course, we do! Moreover, our trading experience is very diverse. Khachatur Gukasyan (CEO), for example, developed an independent asset management company in Switzerland with the AuM of over $250 mln. Sergey Kovtunenko (Executive Director) has a 13-year experience in Wealth Management and Private Banking (UBS, Troika Dialog, Sberbank PB). Taras Chumachenko (Head of Products) has vast experience in hedge fund and mutual fund structuring and played a significant role in the development of a pioneering hedge fund platform. Previously, I was a quantitative researcher responsible for the development and deployment of algorithmic trading strategies in a proprietary high-frequency trading (HFT) fund.

Any collaborations planned?

Yes, we have already established several strategic partnerships with a few key companies, yet more are coming in the following months.

Where can I check all the announcements of your AMA sessions?

You can get information via any social media you are comfortable with. We announce AMA sessions on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.

It was really nice to participate in this discussion. Thanks a lot for all your questions!