Zichain CryptoEYE — Entry Point for Crypto Investors

Hi guys, awesome news from Zichain! Don’t miss superb opportunities offered by Zichain CryptoEYE. New to the product? Hurry to start working with it! Already a follower? Don’t miss new features!

A Single Point of Entry

In the last few months, Zichain team has made fundamental improvements to the product known before as Zichian News. Now it is CryptoEYE and its name speaks for itself.

CryptoEYE is the website to help you keep your eyes wide open and navigate easily in the stormy sea of crypto industry. With it, users can customize the flow of market information and news to follow their personal interests. We do our best to make CryptoEYE a single entry point for investors and an advertising platform for asset managers. Now the community’s got a powerful tool set to navigate through the News flow, to get the Market data and trade like a pro with the Analytical module.


They say — you can always use information! With CryptoEYE you never miss news that are critical for investment decisions and information for growing as a crypto trader. The platform provides an opportunity to adjust and customize a flow of news and professional info. You can filter it by a certain website or only by a certain topic to get the most relevant updates.

To simplify this process, we have developed a set of universal crawlers — the programs that are used for scanning and processing webpages to collect information into one database. The crawlers grab news from millions of sources including social media, blogs and forums. And more important: all this content is thoroughly classified, so that user get only the relevant information of first priority he need to be always tuned to the crypto pulse.

Market Data

Nothing but business — if you like to be a pro in crypto world, you have to operate with primary sources of market data. And you will! With CryptoEYE.

Zichain provides you with native data on cryptocurrency prices, trading volume, market capitalization, project descriptions, development status, and so much more. All the data you need — in one place!

We developed sophisticated data collection and storage systems with databases and connectors to exchanges, combined with our exclusive price aggregation methodology. So — what? Nothing special — but we deliver real-time quotes of hundreds of digital assets! So you’ll be the first among market players armed with accurate data!

Time is money — and information is money — in crypto! But it’s not only data you get — powered by Big Data and AI, CryptoEYE is of use or both for experienced investors and newcomers. We collect critical info on tokens and coins to present it in a simple and convenient way. And we created a family of indexes to break the market into shards such as major currencies, blockchain services, means of payment etc. An to have a ready overview of the market and plain strategy for passive investment. CryptoEYE is the product of our arduous intellectual work enhanced with best practices of leading agencies of traditional finance including S&P, MSCI, FTSE, EuroStoxx and Nikkei.


The analytical module of CryptoEYE is the top of crypto consulting. With that powerful tool you will earn the glory of the crypto guru — and CryptoEYE will be your secret weapon.

You may even ask if there is life on Mars — and get the answer! The CryptoEYE all-source infosphere analysis system is based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. This is an all-knowing robot at your service to build your investment strategies.

The CryptoEYE analytical module is on the top of the platform. “How for god’s sake did they manage to do that?” — this will be first question to pop up in your mind once you start using it. We’ll try to explain in plain English:

CryptoEYE aggregates a lot of information with our crawlers. It is then classified in line with the particular cryptocurrency topic. In turn, topics are selected by our ontology and neural network classifier. We filter out all the paid publications together with tons of ads to spare you these distractions. Only useful information is selected and distributed according to such features as:

• Relevance

• Source credibility

• Importance

• Language

• Term frequency

• Information sentiment (positive/neutral/negative)

Fabulous, isn’t it? You get a golden information on a silver platter — don’t you?

For sure you can filter all we deliver to you as you want. You are free to sort by everything relevant to your portfolio first. You are welcome to fiddle with it, getting equipped like no one else in crypto world (who still don’t use CryptoEYE).

Becoming a super crypto-trader is easy now, and we do our best for that non stop. Very soon you’ll get new updates on the crypto ontology development, as well as a neural network classifier with multilingual functionality and API.

Stay tuned! You can see much further and deeper in crypto world — with CryptoEYE.