ZiChange — bridging the gap between fiat and crypto worlds

Only a few days are left before we launch our full-fledged crypto-fiat broker ZiChange. That’s why now is the perfect time to explain why we decided to bring this platform to life and take a closer look at it.

Why we are launching ZiChange

More and more retail and institutional investors are flocking to the cryptocurrency market. Yet the market is a bit lagging, providing no simple way to exchange fiat money to crypto assets and vice versa. Yes, there are exchanges, trading platforms, conversion facilities and payment systems that offer cryptocurrency exchange services. However, investors are still not satisfied: often the costs of such services are too high while the exchanges might not meet regulatory requirements.

ZiChange is here to make a difference. Our crypto-fiat broker will bridge the gap between fiat and crypto worlds, providing both private and institutional clients with a legal and transparent solution for converting fiat money into crypto-assets and back.

ZiChange gets you covered

There are two types of exchange services on ZiChange:

● Fiat-to-crypto (and vice versa). The platform guarantees legal and secure access to the cryptocurrency market, as well as compliance with the regulatory requirements in force.

● Crypto-to-crypto. The platform serves as a powerful gateway to a wide range of crypto-assets for the most discerning investor.

What makes it edgy

● Fully compliant KYC and AML procedures which allow clients to exchange digital assets for fiat currencies with no hassle and use then withdraw funds legally.

● Partnerships with a growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC brokers to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and soon any other cryptocurrency against fiat currencies.

● A wide network of connections with institutional investors, including wealth managers, HNWI, banks, and investment companies. This makes ZiChange a perfectly placed platform in the current financial infrastructure.

● P2P-like transactions. All clients’ assets are stored in their wallets, not on ZiChange, so no counterparty risk involved.

● A single account for all the integrated exchanges makes ZiChange a gateway into easy trading.

● ZiChange boasts high liquidity, which makes it an ideal place for block trading.

● Our advanced order routing and execution systems mean we can provide favorable exchange rates on the market.

Investors from Europe and the CIS will be the first to get a taste of ZiChange. But be sure the platform will become available in other countries as soon as all the agreements with regulators are reached and the matters of cross-border transactions are settled — and it’s all coming fast, our friends!