Zitoken: Golden ticket to the crypto finance

Do you know the current valuation of the crypto market? Before the last week downturn when the market hit its lowest since November 2017, it reached over 800 billion dollars. And experts estimate the market cap may exceed 1 trillion dollars this year, despite all these turbulences. You will say, it’s still too low! Well, it is, in comparison to the multi-trillion traditional finance industry. But, just think for a minute, how old is the crypto market? To expect those trading volumes that have been accumulating for centuries to happen just in a matter of 10 years will to be no less than naive. The cryptocurrency market is like a toddler who is just learning how to walk. It falls down, stands up, learns and matures.

When at Zichain we were in the early stages of developing our strategy and the overall concept, we understood what the market lacked: unity and interconnectivity. Now most participants do not deeply understand what to do and how to do it. On the contrary, the traditional financial market is more stable, logic and safe. This makes it much more attractive from the point of view of big players who are institutional investors, investment funds, and hedge funds. In the fiat world, as of 2017, 21.5% of total financial assets were under asset management. And do you know this figure for the digital currency space? It’s less than 1%. Most big market players still don’t show much enthusiasm about “going into crypto”, but Zichain is here to change it once and forever, thanks to its suite of modules fueled by Zitoken (ZCN).

ZCN resides on Ethereum blockchain and is based on the most popular token standard ERC20. What makes it so unique?

Zitoken is not just the internal currency in the Zichain ecosystem but rather a ticket that opens doors to any part of the crypto world: investment, trading, digital asset management, and market insights. This is because ZCN acts like a payment for all the services that Zichain provides, including fund launch and administration, access to exchanges and smart order types, exchanging digital assets for fiat, and customized news and analytics. In other words, owning ZCN you get a key to the new crypto reality, which is as well-organized as the fiat one, but much more advanced thanks to AI, deep learning and big data, promising in terms of investing, and secure being powered to blockchain technology.

Even though the Zichain ecosystem offers flexible payment methods for services, including top cryptocurrencies and even fiat money, it is more beneficial for a user to utilize the internal currency — Zitoken, since it represents a symbiosis of two main features: use value and resale value.

The use value is accessible exclusively to active customers in a way of receiving discounts. Simply put, with Zitoken, both investors and managers can pay for the services at a 30% discount. The resale value can be leveraged by both token holders and active customers as they can sell tokens after applying discount for using Zichain services. This way, users have an opportunity to hold their ZCN tokens and thus purchase Zichain services with 50% off the price or simply pay for them right off with ZCN and receive 30% discount.

Zitoken can become a key coin to a brand new world of investment and management of crypto assets. “Grow up with Zichain” or remain in crypto Wild West — it’s up to you. But the choice is obvious, isn’t it?

How to get Zitokens? At the moment, we are in full swing of Presale, where you can purchase them at a discount of 20% and thereby enjoy all the advantages of being an early-bird contributor. On September 16 we officially start the main stage of the TGE, which is the Token Sale.

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