Modali Sai Sindhuja
Jun 4, 2017 · 3 min read

Companies need to adopt a social dimension they say.

We understand adopting a social dimension in business can be bewildering. And we noticed firms want to do more for community, yet, don’t intend investing in wrong approaches. Then where to start off with?

Let us help you a bit with this. Have you thought about your employees sharing their rides to work?

Thankfully, Zify’s Carpooling-as-a-Service helps businesses in multiple dimensions and comes with almost no downsides. This could be your company’s first step too!

Technically, if firms encouraged employees to share a vehicle with co-workers and help reduce the number of employees driving alone to work, it does count as a definite social dimension. Let us further try and break-down to how it may benefit companies?

CHECKING IT OUT: In today’s competitive business era, firms try keeping carbon footprints down to fight against the climate change. Corporations are expected to adopt “actions to lessen trips”. Lets say, you were part of the company and encouraged carpooling, the emissions your employees or colleagues collectively produce would be under check. And?? Interestingly, this looks great to mention on annual reports and suits your environmental policies.

PUNCTUALITY IS VIRTUE: Companies encouraging carpooling naturally induce employee punctuality and reduce the absenteeism. Imagine your employee has the responsibility to pick someone up at 7.45 am and he arrives at 8! Isn’t welcoming, right? Eventually, as they carpool, he/she automatically tends to develop a socially-bound sense of responsibility to be on time. This indeed, structures a more efficient and consistent office culture.

EVER READY: With Zify’s Carpooling-as-a-Service in place, you will notice your employees coming to work warmed up. And which company wouldn’t want that their employees are prepared to work?

Nonetheless, at work this saves companies’ resources on building additional parking slots and lessens strain on parking demands. Now, sit to calculate the savings your company would pocket?

IMAGE ENHANCER: In terms of overcoming social barriers, clients now turn towards conscious companies who aren’t damaging the environment around them. Carpooling is a great way to initiate and persuade.

Finally, by adopting a greener initiative, companies enjoy an extremely renowned and sustainable brand image they’ve been lately striving towards. They can promote their brand as an example of ‘smart ecological solution’.

And now, the focus is on what companies ‘could’ do: In this regard companies might want to partner with carpooling firms and help reduce their footprints. Also, encourage, promote and advertise carpool programs, therefore, expanding employee networks.

With this, both a company’s ‘image’ and ‘triple bottom-line profitability’ will improve in response. As Zify works in various geographical areas and is not within a certain transport schedule, it makes carpooling services more accessible, comfortable, faster and cheaper.

Going green is getting grand! And if more companies adopt this, we’ll all be breathing cleaner air on less congested streets!

Convinced? Reach out to us at to find how Zify can help you reduce cost, increase employee engagement & meet your sustainability goals.

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Instant carpooling for your daily commute. Save cost & reduce CO2 emissions.

Modali Sai Sindhuja

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Instant carpooling for your daily commute. Save cost & reduce CO2 emissions.

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