Moving Around Where You Live

Are you on the side of Pollution or Solution?

Our world's population, no denial, is becoming increasingly urban. For the first time in history, somewhere around 2007, it was reckoned to be the turning point when city dwellers formed most of the global population. Pertaining to a report compiled from World Atlas, humans are spread through roughly 4,416 cities in the world. Bravo!

However, have you ever taken a moment to understand how your city moves? Every city has its own culture, specifications and signature modes of moving around in it. From Paris metros, to London's rail, Mumbai's rickshaws, Kolkata's Tonga and more, each city distinctly holds a traveling pattern.

Then again, from mornings to nights, weekdays to weekends, a fully functioning day or holiday, personal incomes, environmental sensitivity, all play major roles in determining how each of the cities we live in, moves.

So, what doors do these open for the transport sector? Valuable opportunities!

Particularly in the fast-growing cities, the connectivity needs some grooming. This is a great opportunity for the transport sector to capitalize on. However, every now and then, there springs up different modes to commute, just worsening things further.

But why are we putting forth more challenges for our cities to face? Because, notably, air pollution cuts into cities’ productivity and is blamed for the deaths of almost 800,000 people each year? Does it not blow your mind off?

Hmm..How would it be to link the modes of commuting?

Instead of building more inclusive transport modes, a friendlier option would be to connect efficiently, what we already have now. And that's exactly what we do at Zify . To reiterate, we do not own no cars to function. Rather, we link you with millions that emptily move down the street. All this is purely because, 90% of the urban air pollution is generated by motor vehicles.

Zify believes to be a part of the solution and not the pollution. And you?

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